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Crumbling Cliffs (OMG)

Repairs continue on the bluffs above the 4th Street failure causing train route closures while the work requiring major equipment continues.
Photos Julie Maxey-Allison

Local artist Karla Leopold has been working on a series of abstract landscapes to depict the Del Mar cliffs and the erosion that is taking place. All the originals are in color. She works in “charcoal, ink, collage, paint, and concern.” Drawings Karla Leopold

Crumbling Cliff at 4th Street.
Photos Julie Maxey-Allison.
Crumbling Cliff at 4th Street.
The Beauty of Our Beach in Del Mar.
Drawings Karla Leonard.
Dog Beach.
A Beach Walk.
Our Eroding Cliffs.
Lucky Us: We live here.

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