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Bluff Buttresses

Bluff collapse just south of 4th Street on February 28. Note that the side piece of cement is gone.
Photo Julie Maxey-Allison.

“The California Transportation Commission has awarded $10.5 million to regional planning and transportation agencies to complete repairs to the bluffs near 4th Street after a collapse in late February.

The funds will pay to install up to 18 support columns along the upper bluff and build a new seawall to reinforce the base of the bluffs. Completion is expected in July.”


Whither Winston
The City Council response to the Winston School offer to purchase is “not interested in considering a sale of the property or a renegotiation of the lease.” Winston now is required to address several significant matters in its redevelopment application. The original application deadline of December 31, 2019 was extended several times to April 8, 2021. The City Attorney has stated that, should Winston fail to meet this April 8 deadline, “the City willl exercise its right to terminate the Lease. Acc
ordingly, the lease termination would become effective July 1, 2022.”



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