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DMF: April 2019
Sandra Hoyle and Bill Morris, DMF Board

The Del Mar Foundation is proud of our hardworking volunteers who deliver comprehensive experiences for our community including concerts, family events, opportunities to meet our neighbors, grants to other Del Mar entities, DMF Talks and much more. The month of April delivers some changes to our dedicated Board of Directors. We are celebrating the culmination of a six-year tenure by Karla Deerinck and welcoming new Board member, Jenny Galan.

Karla has provided inspiring leadership to the Young Del Mar committee. She is a talented artist and her creative touches have graced many of our events. Karla, her husband, Tom, and their daughter Lauren enjoy the beautiful ocean views and the small town community vibe of Del Mar. She became involved with the Del Mar Foundation board because she “wanted to be a part of a great group of volunteers who really make a difference in the community.” Karla has been an integral force in hosting numerous events over the past 6+ years including the Easter Egg Hunt and Spooktacular Bonfire, which are her favorites. Karla feels that her greatest contribution to the Foundation has been “helping to create magical memory making events for the Community” and our Board whole-heartedly agrees with that statement!

Jenny Galan brings a fresh and enthusiastic perspective to the Foundation. Brought to Del Mar by a career opportunity for her husband Marty, Jenny knew she had come to the right place when she stood “on the seaside bluffs overlooking the ocean next to this picturesque town.” Her husband and sons, Alex and Lucas, enjoy living close to the beach. She is committed to the mission of the Del Mar Foundation. While relatively new to Del Mar, Jenny already has a favorite event: The 4th of July Parade. “There is something to be said for actively participating in a community parade alongside your neighbors.” Jenny believes giving back to the community she lives in is a fulfilling civic duty. “I thoroughly enjoy bringing new ideas to life and look forward to applying my project management, value proposition management, and leadership skills to help shape the future of the Del Mar Foundation.”

The Del Mar Foundation is actively recruiting volunteers for our various committees. Please contact info@delmarfoundation.org , call at 858-635-1363 or join our email list to receive information about our events at www.delmarfoundation.org


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