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What’s Up With Winston
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

Winston School has filed an application for Step One of the Citizens’ Participation Program (CPP) “to conceptually discuss design ideas with neighbors.” The meeting was noticed for April 2 with the project description the “remodel of existing buildings.”

Winston shares the 5.3 acre City-owned site at Ninth and Stratford Court with the Del Mar Community Center. The property, known as the Del Mar Shores Park property, was acquired by the City in 2008 for recreational and educational purposes and an Advisory Committee was established in 2014 to develop a master plan. In November, 2017 City Council agreed to move ahead with two collaborative plans for both uses on the property after the Advisory Committee emphasized the benefit of additional open space by planning jointly for both facilities. Two conceptual collaborative plans were approved to be costed out by Schmidt Design Group.

Early this year Winston School Head Dena Harris sent an email to City Council and Shores Advisory Committee members stating that the costs of the conceptual plans “are not feasible… and recommend you proceed with Park planning within currently contracted boundaries.” Winston’s contract for 1.8 acres of the property runs until 2053 and requires a completed development application to the City by the end of 2019, permitting and approvals by the end of 2025 and occupancy by the end of 2027. In 2007 Winston raised $3 million toward purchase of the property as prepaid rent that will last through 2023.

The Advisory Committee has not met since November 2017 when the two collaborative plans were approved for costing. Since then Winston has also entered into contract negotiations with the City during which time the Advisory Committee has not been meeting. It is uncertain what this means for the status of the Advisory Committee and the Shores Park master planning process.



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