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Train Tracking: Side Car
Julie Maxey-Allison | 10th Street

Luckily, that 1940’s train wreck atop our 1.6 miles of tracks has been the only one. However, a number of deaths and delays have happened on the rails over the years. The latest stoppage was last February. Train travel was halted for a few hours due to yet another in a series of bluff failures that continually shrink our fragile sandstone cliffs.

This north/south rail line is the second busiest intercity rail corridor in the country according to Jim Linthicum, director of mobility at the San Diego Association of Governments. In a KPBS interview he related the importance of the transport not only for commuters, but the cargo the freight trains carry that people depend on.
Federal, state, county and city officials continue to work toward a solution. Right now the single answer is that SANDAG will stabilize the narrowing cliffs with various engineering schemes at a cost of millions in advance of removing and relocating the route with a projected cost of billions.



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