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Canister Carelessness:
NUKE Near Miss

Don Mosier

Water Water: Enough?

Water Where?
Celeste Cantu Stampfl

Saving Stormwater

Roving Teen Reporter:
Global Climate Strike

Eve Gross

Careful Costing
Tom McGreal

Tracking Train History
Larry Brooks

Train Tracking:
Side Car

Julie Maxey-Allison

Transit Gap
Ann Gardner

Plaza Problems
Ann Gardner

What’s Up With Winston
Ann Gardner

Pecking Order
The Walshok Family

Zero Housing

Bud Emerson

Clarity = Quality
Beth Levine

Resume and Roots : Justice Josh Groban
Bud Emerson

Women Rule
Betty Wheeler

DMF: April 2019
Sandra Hoyle

and Bill Morris

DMCC: April 2019
Ashley Simpkins

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April 2019

Update 05/01/19
Inside the mAY 2019 Print Issue
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Update 04/09/19

Bob Fried, Stratford Court
Tunnel Vision and Rail Routing

I’d like to thank Councilmember Ellie Haviland for her excellent article in the March 2019 of the Sandpiper entitled “Tunnel Vision” which gave residents a better understanding of what projects are being planned by the North County Transit District (NCTD) and by the San Diego Association of Government, to ensure our bluffs remain stable until the tracks can me be moved off the bluffs, with construction expected to begin this summer.  The components of the various projects will definitely have a positive impact for both residents and visitors to Del Mar.  

Also, I wanted to thank Greg Beckham for his 2 great articles:  the first entitled “1997 Proposals” with his visionary ideas for rerouting the train off of the Bluff and for building a tunnel beginning near the Fairgrounds and exiting near Carmel Valley Road; and the second article,"Rail Routing," reminding us of his artistic vision from twenty years ago and challenging us today to “…not miss our opportunity to do great things to enhance our community’s quality of life” and find inspiration from his original design.  Here's hoping that with great leadership from our City, we will be able to work collaboratively and effectively with the various constituencies to move the tracks off of the bluff long before the date of 2050 that has been mentioned!


Update 03/15/19

Alice McNally,  Stratford Court
A huge thank you to the Sandpiper and Don Moiser for the "Nuke Near Miss” story on the front page of the Sandpiper's April issue.

It is so import to draw the attention of the public.  This hazardous. public health emergency effects 8.4 million of us.  Before we are forced to cut and run what can each of us, as citizens, do to assure the waste is safely moved and stored off sight, away from the water?

April 25-27


Thursday, April 25th in the afternoon through Saturday morning the 27th. Come see beautiful rose blooms on display throughout the whole DM Library. 
posted: 04/06/19 

April Print Issue

Canister Carelessness:
NUKE Near Miss
Don Mosier
After the near drop of a highly radioactive fuel storage canister on August 3rd, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) put a halt to movement of spent fuel from cooling pools at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) to “semi-permanent” storage in half-buried concrete tombs. The review of that incident by the NRC is nearing conclusion, and a few new facts surrounding the near drop have emerged. The operator of the gantry crane (see photo) was new to the job, as was the individual overseeing the safety rigging that should have been attached to the fuel canister, but was not on August 3rd. The NRC accident report cited deficiencies in training and supervision, although it is unclear from the report whether or not these new employees had received any training.



April Print Issue

Water Water: Enough?

Water, water, yes, everywhere this winter. We welcomed and dodged raindrops falling from October 2018 through March 2019 with possibly more to come. We are officially out of a drought. A profusion of desert flowers are blossoming.

It is a whirl-around from the drought patterns we followed, educating ourselves about how to use less of our precious resource in our daily life. We learned to choose water saving devices on home appliances, opted for drought tolerant plantings and alternate watering days, and accepted the fact that sea water could be recycled as “fresh” through desalination. Recently though, our attention turned to banks of sand bags and the dark side of the force of fresh water with the resulting oversaturated earth. We have been troubleshooting the dangers of flooding, debris flow, sinkholes, uprooted trees, crumbling cliffs at our beach, undercut edges at Crest Canyon, the damp, and the mold. Plus, the possibility of water from the sea inching up year by year.

Before worrying further about riparian rifts, understand that the winter waters fall is not permanent. The climate is a’changing. The threat of wildfires still rages because a wet winter or two does not tamp down our warming weather days that will dry out our forest and scrub land and cut our water flow to a trickle. We need to heed our past lessons and prepare for what is ahead.



April Print Issue

Photo courtesy City of Del Mar.
The Downtown Streetscape project, as it moves south and across Camino del Mar to the west side, is installing Silva Cells in three dozen landscaping areas. As seen in the photo above, taken in front of the Library, the Silva Cell modular systems being installed are not only supporting tree growth but capturing stormwater. The project is moving to the west side this month! For Downtown Streetscape weekly progress reports and photos go to the Notify Me link on the City’s home page Or check out how Silva Cells work at

Update 03/10/19

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