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Mean Streets
Sherryl L. Parks | Del Mar Councilmember

Roots ripping up the roads. Photo Bill Morris.
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Survey says….”Del Mar’s streets need repairs. Potholes need fixing. It is time!”
It was crystal clear in the recent citizen’s satisfaction survey that folks want to see substantial improvements on our streets. These improvements will include fixing potholes, repaving surfaces of badly worn roads and keeping these streets spiffy.
City Council began measuring the roads in spring, 2013. A truck surveyed every street in town over the course of a couple of months and a report was distributed to Council. Council then asked to take a look at the improvements needed for the City’s sewer, water and storm drain lines. A survey is currently underway and will not be fully complete until spring, which will be just in time for our 2-year budget plan as well as drawing up a new list for capital improvements.

What is preventing us from repairing our roads right now?

1. As mentioned above we have been doing an analysis of water lines and valves, sewer lines, manholes, and storm drains to determine which roads can be safely repaved without having to worry that the newly paved road will need to be torn up in the very near future to fix utility needs.

2. Funding: City roadway priorities over the last four years have centered on completion of the Torrey Pines Road Bridge, pavement rehabilitation of the City’s arterials and installation of new sidewalks along the arterials where sidewalk gaps existed. Repaving non-arterial roadways and alleys did not have funding priority over these projects.

3. Tree Roots: Tree roots are tearing up the streets all over town and some of these offending trees will need to be removed. It will be a difficult choice, in some neighborhoods, between implementing improved roadway for safety versus the desire to keep a tree and its root system.

So once the new budget is approved and your studies are complete, will you be notifying residents when roads are going to have upgrades?
Yes, the City will let every neighborhood know about the upgrades and changes. We will use all our methods, including snail mail, website notices, and Council reminders. I will make sure that you are well aware ahead of time when your neighborhood will be impacted. If we need to have a conversation about removing a tree, then that can happen too.

Survey said we need to maintain our streets better and a plan is in place. I will make this my first priority for this 2-year budget cycle. I wish we could start tomorrow but some details need to be in place before the City can make it happen, The Del Mar Way.


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