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DMTV Presents
Dentistry Trends

Luana Karr | DMTV

Dr. Murray and his crew. Courtesy DMTV.
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In honor of National Dentistry Day on March 6th, Del Mar TV is airing a Producers showcase entitled Dentistry Trends. Its special guest is Del Mar Dentist, Dr. J. Geoffrey Murray.

Dr. Murray discusses dentistry and what to look for when choosing a dentist. He advises that it’s important to build relationships with your dental team. Your dental team consists of not only an experienced dentist, but hygienist, dental assistants and don’t rule out a well-trained, congenial front desk staff.

The Producer of Dentistry Trends, Linda Bourne Marcos, was fairly new at the time. Upon the recommendation of a friend, Linda came to a Del Mar Television Foundation’s Producers meeting and from there she was hooked. She took a class, crewed on a couple of shows and ultimately produced several shows. Linda said even though it is a lot of work to produce shows, it is fun. “I enjoyed the camaraderie, creative experience and all the great people you meet.”

The Technical Supervisor for the show was long-time member, Jason Gines. Karl Malone, an expert audio engineer handled the audio while Peggy Wallace acted as floor manager for the production. The teleprompter was operated by Florence Cannata, another member who produced several of the LifeStyle Showcases that aired from time to time on Del Mar TV. The computer graphics were the responsibility of Lawrence Jones, while cameras were handled by Michael Mosakowski and Roy Gardiner.

“Dentistry Trends” can be viewed on Del Mar Television 8:00pm on Thursdays in March. You can view us on Time Warner Channel 24 and on AT&T U-Verse Channel 99. It will stream online at the same time, just go to our website at www.delmartv.com and click the streaming icon.

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