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Counting On You
Jeff Barnouw | Amphitheatre Drive

An online poll (“This is not an Election!”) to determine citizens’ preferences for the scope of the projected City Hall/Town Hall was opened in early February after Superior Court Judge Eddie Sturgeon held that it was not an illegal election under California Law. This settled a suit brought by Edward Mohns occasioned by the way the process was presented in a December staff report which caught the attention of California’s Secretary of State. So we’re in the clear.

Scheduled to close February 13, the polling period was extended to February 20, because some users had trouble accessing the website. There was also a poll kiosk in the lobby at City Hall, and paper copies were also available. The results will not be made public before the City Council Meeting of March 2. At that time the Council members will have the task of determining what the numbers tell them. Voters were asked to rank all three options given, to add some depth to the data, and the raw numbers will be supplemented by weighted numbers for those who ranked fewer. The results may make the Council’s decision easier, or more difficult and perplexed.

‘Voice your Choice’ was set up and run by Everyone Counts, a local startup featured in the January issue of San Diego Magazine as one of its “25 BIG Ideas.” Begun and run by Lori Steele Contorer, Everyone Counts has nearly two decades experience “deploying secure reliable and transparent elections all over the world, delivering ballots to millions of voters in over 165 countries.” In 2014 the company ran more than 600 elections for U.S. governments, “continued working with the Oscar ballot system, and launched online voting for the Emmys.”

Stay tuned! Another survey is in the offing this Spring on the Shores development, organized by True North Research. (See back story here)


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