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We Got Satisfaction
Jeff Barnouw | Amphitheatre Drive

The results of the December Citizen Satisfaction Survey presented by Probolsky Research are posted on the City website in three parts, the presentation slides from the Council Meeting of February 2, a 136-page Report, and verbatim responses. The Report consists of about 50 pages of graphic analysis and presentation and 75 of “cross tabulations.” The overall assessment is 76.5% satisfaction with the City’s services, 24.7% very satisfied, 51.9 somewhat. (Where did that last 0.1% disappear to?) Only 14.9% were somewhat dissatisfied, 4.9% very. But the verbatim responses to “open-ended” questions of how the City could do better repeat many individual criticisms or gripes.

Ranking priorities, maintaining streets was highest at 28.7%, with controlling crime at 27.7% a close second. The only other concern above 20% was “Encouraging a more vibrant Downtown business area,” 21.9%. Indeed 48.8% of Del Mar citizens were dissatisfied with street maintenance (15.6% very) and this is amply reflected in the verbatim responses. Taking care of the beach, our parks and the Powerhouse and Library got high marks (83.1%, 77.6% and 85% respectively). We seem most satisfied with ‘Trash and recycling,” 91.7%.

Among public safety services the only one below 50% satisfaction was Zoning and Building Code Enforcement at 46.2%. Fire Department, Medical Emergency and the Lifeguards were all quite high, and even Parking Enforcement got a 2/3 approval. Lower and more mixed was the evaluation of Law Enforcement. The Sheriff’s office got about 2/3 for crime prevention, but only 53.6% for traffic enforcement and a low 30.9% for response time and 50.9% for visibility, presence in the town. Ranger Services fared somewhat better, except in response time. 48.5% of the respondents had called for service from the Sherriff, only 11% for the Ranger.

Administrative Services generally did well, the exception being 43% approval for the Development and design review process. Of those taking the survey 84.3% get City information from a local newspaper, but the Sandpiper garnered 75.7%. We had to get that in. This should be enough to whet your appetite to go online and read the rest directly.


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