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Jimmy Durante Streetscape
The Jimmy Durante Boulevard South Streetscape Project is underway. The construction zone for the new sidewalk begins 150 feet south of San Dieguito Drive on Jimmy Durante Boulevard and extends to the intersection of Plaza and Camino del Mar. Construction began in February with completion scheduled in June, 2015. The project includes approximately 2,500 feet of new curb and gutter, 16,000 square feet of sidewalks, 5 retaining walls, 2,500 feet of utility pipeline replacement, and 87,300 square feet of pavement rehabilitation.

The project no longer includes construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Jimmy Durante Boulevard and San Dieguito Drive. Any future traffic improvement at that intersection will be subject to its own environmental document.

Design Review Ordinance
A grassroots group of citizens is meeting informally to consider ideas for improving the Design Review Ordinance. The group was formed in reaction to a number of new structures whose scale and design seem to be out of character with both the neighborhood and the rest of the community. Members are considering potential new design guidelines that:

  • - Value privacy
  • - Value neighborhood character
  • - Value the community plan & strive to “ preserve the environment and charm with which the community has been bestowed” and “to preserve & protect the unique environmental quality which now is the Del Mar Experience” as outlined in the community plan.
  • - Protect property values.
  • - Not default to approval of the project as submitted when there is no objection from neighbors
  • - Give neighbors more rights in DRB hearings

Recommendations from the group will likely reach the City Council agenda soon.

The long-delayed Watermark residential neighborhood proposal at the corner of Jimmy Durante and San Dieguito continues to solicit feedback from a variety of Del Mar citizens. In early March a new website will be activated to give citizens an opportunity to review a conceptual design layout and give feedback. Check out the website at www.watermarkdelmar.com

Free Bill Pay: Water, Sewer, Trash
The City now offers free online bill pay for your water, sewer, and trash service. You can set-up recurring payments, make one-time payments, and even pay by credit card. Sign-up online at www.delmar.ca.us/billpay. You can also pay by phone by calling (855) 385-9410.

WiFi Hotspots
In January, the first of the Time Warner Cable Public WiFi access points for City facilities was installed outside of the City Hall Annex. More locations are scheduled for installation soon including City Hall, Powerhouse Community Center and Park, Beach Safety Center, and the tennis courts.
Last summer, the City Council approved an agreement with Time Warner Cable (TWC) to allow installation of WiFi Hotspots at City facilities. Access to TWC WiFi and partner HotSpots is free for all TWC Internet customers at the Standard Internet level or higher and Business Class Internet customers, as well as to customers of Comcast, Cablevision and Cox communications. Other individuals may access TWC WiFi HotSpots through a free, 60-minute trial per day or by purchasing a TWC Access Pass. The WiFi HotSpots can be accessed from 200-250 feet away, provided there is a clear line of sight. Each HotSpot can support roughly 125 people online at the same time. Indoor WiFi HotSpots cover 3,000-4,000 square feet. The City will be working with Time Warner Cable on the timing of the installation, but it is expected that it could take up to 6-8 months before the Hotspots are operational.

To connect to any existing WiFi Hotspots, select the wireless network “TWCWIFI” and open an Internet browser to access the signin page. If you are a Time Warner customer, login with your Time Warner account user name and password. If you are not a customer, you may sign in to the Guest Access for a free trial or purchase an Access Pass for additional time. For more information, please visit www.twcwifi.com/support.


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