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Anthony Corso | Stratford Court

Rusty’s team. Left to right: Diggy Valois, Zach Groban,
Weston Yocom, Paul Danger. Courtesy Zach Groban.
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Inhabitants of Del Mar frequently allude to living “adjacent to the ocean.” Interestingly, there are a number of other residents, perhaps as high as 300, who envision “living in the ocean.” These ocean dwellers are known as “surfers.” And as “surfers” they have a culture, language and life-style unique to one another. Briefly, consider: “snaking,” “aggro,” “ gnarly,” “da bomb,” “blown out,” “ face,” “tube,” “snap,” etc. Definitions of such surfing terminology can be found in the Riptionary, an on-line lexicon of surfing terminology. But that’s another story!
Most of the surfers “hang-out” at Rusty’s - a local surf shop across from the Post Office on 15th Street. As a young man and surfer Rusty Preisendirfer traveled along the Del Mar Coast in search of the “ideal wave.” On one such trip, more than 25 years ago, he discovered a small store overlooking the ocean and underutilized as a retail shop. Given its location, he felt it would make an ideal surf-shop.

He and his wife re-opened it as Rusty Del Mar, Surf Shop. Since then he and his business partner, Zach Groban, have developed a thriving surf business, carrying a brand name recognized world-wide and defining Del Mar a “Surf Capital.”
The business succeeds in making numerous major contributions to the Community. There are regular surfing events, such as “The Del Mar Classic,” which they sponsor, and manage to draw celebrities, professional athletes and thousands of dedicated surfers. Zach Groban recently noted, “We contribute to countless local events with raffles, donations, and great causes; we like to support the Community that has given so much to us.”

Since its creation more than 25 years ago, a long line of young people have worked in the Shop, before finishing school, some of whom now hold key positions in the surf industry.


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