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Meet Market | Hitting It Off in San Diego
Luana Karr | DMTV

Hitting It Off in San Diego. Courtesy DMTV.
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One-on-one interactions and dating, especially in the San Diego area seem to take determination and ingenuity. Well, two of Del Mar TV’s producers took different approaches to the problem with two shows that may give some insight to those who are looking for closer relationships.

Paul Tomberello, one of our “Reel Focus” videographers produced the show ‘ Meet Market’. In the past Paul has taped Del Mar events such as the Ugly Dog Contest, the Farmers Market and Art Stroll. Combining his field shooting skills with his production skills, the show features special guest Corey Anderson, Marriage and Family Therapist. Corey developed a questionnaire to check compatibility for guests Stacey Josey, Mark Dice and Brendon Benson. Host Jennifer Cooper guides them through the maze of questions arriving at a conclusion that is unexpected. Crew for “Meet Market” includes new members Lisa Liguori and Theresa Mosakowski.

Paul acknowledged that he learned a lot about producing and working with Del Mar Television veteran producers and he is now working locally on his own feature film.

Producer Jillian Risberg hosts “Hitting if Off in San Diego.” Jillian’s special guest is Deanna Lorraine, a Relationship/Dating coach. Jillian and Deanna discuss some of the pitfalls of relationships and how to navigate them. Jillian came to the Del Mar Television Foundation to develop her TV hosting/reporting skills. She and Paul worked together on the short event program ‘Del Mar Art Stroll’. Jillian has moved forward with her career and is now reporting at a local TV station in New Jersey.
Both shows can be seen on Thursdays in February at 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., respectively. For more information visit our website at www.delmartv.com.


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