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Spaced Out
Tom McGreal | Stratford Court

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by Tom McGreal

Parking in Del Mar.  Cartoon John Dempsey.
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Spaced Out

Del Mar is at a critical stage in defining the parking requirements for the City Hall project. The ballot alternatives are now being drafted for the community vote on the type of City Hall / Town Hall and how much parking should be included.
The discussion at the recent Council meeting was a clear reminder that there is a significant parking requirement for the downtown employees and a large commitment by the City to provide parking spaces for the in-lieu parking fee program (paying fees instead of providing parking).

Hopefully Del Mar will not miss the opportunity to build parking on the City Hall site that meets the needs of the City staff, accommodates the events on our new plaza, provides a designated parking area for downtown employees and meets the City’s commitment to provide parking for the in-lieu program.


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