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Piper Underwood | Rimini Road

Lawn Be Gone! Photo Chris Underwood.
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We are now remodeling our house on Rimini Road. Instead of demolition, the house is being “deconstructed.” Parts of the house will either be re-used by the owner, donated or sold to a resale warehouse. Our project will include the removal of our 900 square foot front lawn. The primary benefit of reducing our water usage converges with our motivation to do the right thing. We stopped watering our lawn about 5 months ago.

The County of San Diego Water Authority has a turf removal rebate program www.socalwatersmart.com/index.php/qualifyingproducts/turfremoval. I don’t know if we will apply for a rebate, but it appears that qualifying persons will receive $2/sq ft if they qualify. I would estimate we would receive a considerable rebate for 900 square feet of lawn. But apparently once the money runs out, they will no longer offer the rebates. Also, the work has to be done within 120 days of applying, so if we apply, we will have to also take the timing into consideration.
The design for our new entry calls for a slightly more private entrance - a sort of informal courtyard. While some of this space is already currently hardscape, a portion of it will cut into our existing front lawn area forcing us to rethink how the public portions of our front yard and the more private portion of our front yard interact. We will be giving up a significant play area in our front yard. Currently the neighborhood kids and dogs like to romp in this space. However, we are retaining our lawn in our backyard, which is used more often.

We haven’t yet decided how we will landscape the new area. Currently we have a lot of native vegetation; toyon, lemonade berry, agave, etc. that provide a nice screen from the street. We will probably repeat some of these plantings in the new design. It’s also possible that parts of the landscape won’t have any plants at all and may be composed of boulders and decomposed granite.

Editor note: Bravo Piper and Chris! Less mowing, less water and less work to keep a lawn green.


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