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How Del Mar Voted
Dave Druker | 10th Street

In the latest election, Del Mar voters are closer to statewide voters than the County of San Diego Voters. Specifically, all of the statewide offices were won by Democrats. Yet in the County of San Diego all of the statewide offices except for governor were won by Republicans. In the City of Del Mar all of the statewide offices were won by Democrats. The most interesting difference was the 49th Congressional District. Darrell Issa easily won in both the County and the rest of the district in Orange County. Darrell lost in Del Mar. The attached table displays results by Del Mar City, County of San Diego and California State for key races and propositions.

In other races, Scott Peters won the 52nd Congressional District in a very close race by 6081 votes. This win can be attributed to the implosion of Carl DeMaio’s campaign and staff along with Scott Peters’s organization. Scott was able to get people with absentee ballots to get their ballots to their polling places on election day.

In Encinitas, Kristin Gaspar was elected mayor in the first election for mayor in Encinitas. Kristin is seen as pro-development. The one vacant seat was won by Catherine Blakespear who is seen as a slow growth advocate.


Compete election results in Excel format here



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