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Stepping Out
Nancy Fisher | 24th Street

Mayor Lee Haydu’s last night in office. Back row: Terry Sinnott,
Don Mosier, Al Corti, and Sherryl Parks.
Photo courtesy Sherryl Parks.
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As she wrapped up her last term on the City Council, Mayor Lee Haydu sat down with the Sandpiper to talk about her accomplishments and her vision for Del Mar’s future.

NF: So you’ve joined the Ex-Mayor’s Club! Please tell us about your experience on the City Council and what you see as your most meaningful contributions.

LH: Well, I’ve been involved in many projects that I think benefitted the community - most recently the improvements to the sidewalks and pedestrian crossings in the Beach Colony area – but two efforts especially stand out.
The first is my role in implementing the Citizen’s Participation Program (CPP), which makes neighbors aware of nearby development proposals early in the design phase and gives them an opportunity to voice concerns before the Design Review Board (DRB) holds its formal public hearing. After serving on the DRB for over three years, two as chair, I saw the need for a program that would reduce expensive redesigns and hard feelings between neighbors. Encinitas had such a program, so we used that to help model the CPP, which started as a test, but was successful enough to be adopted permanently.

Another effort I consider significant is my part, along with Council Member Don Mosier, in improving relations with the Fair Board. Del Mar now has the best working relationship we’ve ever had with the Fair Board which is very important because they are, and will continue to be, our neighbors. I sincerely hope the current and future Councils will continue our work with them.

NF: We’ve heard you talk about the benefits of developing close regional relationships. Can you expand on this?

LH: I didn’t expect that nurturing regional relationships with the fairgrounds and with neighboring cities and officials like Toni Atkins and Marty Block would be such an important part of the job, but with their help, and again the hard work of Council Member Mosier, we’ve been able to tackle tasks as monumental as helping to shut down the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant.

NF: You’ve been actively involved in Del Mar for about thirty years as PTA President, original Lagoon Committee member, DRB, and City Council Member, just to name a few. What’s next for you?

LH: First up is a project I’m very excited about. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has nominated me as their “Woman of the Year” for the San Diego area. It really should be called “Contributor of the Year” because the winners are the man and woman who raise the most money during a ten week period between April and mid-June, but I’m proud to be part of whatever they call it! As many residents know, my husband Paul died about twenty months ago from complications of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, which he’d been fighting for over a decade, so this is very personal to me. Whether or not I win the title my daughters Michelle and Sarah, and a team of friends, plan to work as hard as we can to contribute to the efforts of the LLS.

NF: It’s been reported that you’re interested in being appointed to the Fair Board. What’s the status?

LH: There was one position open recently and the Governor has filled that, but some terms will be up in January and I hope that I’ll still be considered.

NF: You’ve been a big part of the ongoing planning for the new City Hall/Civic Center and the Shores Park Master Plan. Does it bother you to leave at this point?

LH: No, I have complete confidence that both projects are headed in the right direction. We’re fortunate to have an engaged community and I look forward to seeing these two significant projects come to fruition.

NF: Any last Mayoral words?

LH: Yes. I’ve met many wonderful people while serving on Council. We have smart, kind, hard working, and committed residents. There have been many highs and a few lows, but every moment has been worth it. I’m honored to have served the residents to implement their visions, and I thank them for their support!


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