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Directions for Del Mar: Terry Sinnott

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On November 4th Del Mar did not elect their two Councilmembers. There were only two candidates and only two seats, so the election was canceled. But we have taken advantage of the past two months to hold seven neighborhood meetings with residents throughout Del Mar to brief them on City issues and get their input on what the Council should focus on going forward.

I am happy to report that residents are generally pleased with the progress the City is making. They like the fact that we are moving forward on City Hall and that there are improvements being made in sidewalks and landscaping. We are financially healthy, which is also positive. Our Lifeguard and Public Works employees continue to provide good service.

But I received some strong direction as well. People want better policing and traffic enforcement. Pedestrians are fearful of crossing Camino Del Mar at the stop signs and crosswalks. Our streets are in need of repair. Solutions are needed to our parking problems in the neighborhoods and in the downtown. And the health of our retail businesses in the downtown and Plaza are a concern.

So, when appointed, I will work hard to focus on making improvements in these areas. I hope to add these items to our City’s work plan for the coming year.
Speaking of the coming year, you can anticipate a very busy calendar in 2015, where the City will be involving our residents as we make key decisions around future projects for Del Mar. Here are some examples:

1. City Hall – What is the mix of uses and architectural style you want for City Hall.

2. Shores Property – What uses do you want incorporated in the new park’s master plan.

3. Police – How do we increase police visibility and traffic enforcement.

4. Construction – A new pipeline will be installed along Camino Del Mar from 21st Street to Via De La Valle to connect Del Mar with the San Elijo wastewater system.

5. Construction – New sidewalk and intersection improvements along Jimmy Durante Boulevard from the Plaza to San Dieguito Drive.

6. Project Review – Proposed projects such as the Garden Project (10th Street and CDM) and the Watermark Project (Jimmy Durante and San Dieguito Drive) will be reviewed.

7. Service Satisfaction Survey – How is our City doing in providing service to residents?

So it will be a busy time in 2015. I hope you stay involved and active in Del Mar’s future.



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