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Dump PASEO Now
Ann Gardner | Via Latina


As you all know, Kilroy Realty wants to drop a 1.4 million square foot development at the corner of Del Mar Heights and El Camino Real just east of I-5. They call it a “village” even though it is only a huge – three times allowed zoning - complex of retail, office space and apartment buildings. Some of the buildings are nine stories, 170 feet tall, and the massive project is expected to increase traffic by 270% (over what would normally be allowed for this site) clogging already clogged freeways and our access to and from I-5 at Del Mar Heights Road.

Somehow the City of San Diego Development Services Department is supporting the project as part of their City of Villages concept for denser mixed use in; get this, locations served by public transit. Oh well never mind there is no transit there. And oh never mind we already have villages. We have our village in Del Mar; we have a little village at the intersection of Del Mar Heights Rd. and Mango Drive and we already have a village across El Camino Real from the proposed development stretching from Del Mar Heights Road to Valley Center Drive. And our villages are real villages; they also have libraries, community centers, city halls, police stations, schools and parks. Real villages are trying to reduce traffic while Kilroy wants to build a wider, nine-lane Del Mar Heights Road with three new intersections and “synchronized” traffic lights to handle a triple increase in traffice for their so-called village.

You can’t kid us Kilroy. The San Diego Planning Commission didn’t buy it and we aren’t either. Since you have said that it is either a 1.4 million square foot development or nothing I guess our only position is “dump Paseo now.”



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