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PASEO: Get It Right
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

The Torrey Pines Planning Board is formally protesting the San Diego Planning Commission’s interpretation that the neighboring planning board’s recommendation was to keep the same amount of retail space in a smaller One Paseo. And the neighboring planning board chair Frisco White will attend next month’s City Council meeting on One Paseo to also set the record straight.
“Maintaining that level of retail does not support the city’s concept of City of Villages when there is no public transit,” Dennis Ridz, chair, said. “This is how it was interpreted by the Planning Commission. That is simply wrong.” In fact, according to Ridz, retail is the primary cause of increased traffic and congestion in the proposed development. Ridz and What Price Main Street spokesperson Bob Fuchs have pointed out that “promised” improved traffic light systems work only when traffic is moderate, but fail to provide relief during peak hours. Incoming Torrey Pines chair Noel Spaid chimed in: “a better traffic light is useless when emergency vehicles have a ‘green’ but are physically unable to get through. They can’t fly in.”

The Torrey Pines Planning Board has been at odds with the One Paseo developer Kilroy Realty ever since the developer refused San Diego City Council President Pro Tem Sherri Lightner’s request that Kilroy and the City Development Services Department meet with the local planning board which represents residents west of I-5 most impacted by One Paseo’s unmitigated traffic jams at Del Mar Heights Road and I-5. The Board emphasizes that they are supportive of a smaller mixed-use project that has a proportionate reduction in retail.


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