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Shrink One PASEO
Dee Rich | Vice-Chair Torrey Pines Community Planning Board


Del Mar City Council did their homework on One Paseo, and sent a critical letter to the San Diego Planning Commission that outlines the project’s severe impact on local traffic in downtown Del Mar. We cannot handle a UTC-like One Paseo at Del Mar Heights Rd. and I-5 where there is no existing public transit. Camino del Mar is the only continuous travel corridor parallel to I-5 and is subject to horrendous congestion when I-5 fails. The environmental studies for One Paseo predict this will certainly be the case when the project is implemented. Think of current pile-ups on I-5 coming to Camino del Mar.

Yet it appears as if the San Diego City Council might approve the outrageous, three-times-allowed zoning project based on more jobs and more housing. We hope you, along with your nearby neighbors, care enough to go to the Council meeting tentatively scheduled for 6 p.m. January 27 and object. We are part of a neighborhood coalition from Del Mar, the Heights and the Terrace, Solana Beach, local schools and neighboring community groups identifying the best way to voice our concerns, and we need your help. We cannot let San Diego think we do not care; we cannot afford to wait and then regret the outcome.

Here are some more facts to help you make up your mind:
The proposed One Paseo project would generate almost 24,000 vehicle trips per day, compared to about 6,500 allowed by current zoning. That is a 267% increase. If you have students going to Torrey Pines or Canyon Crest Academy, picking up your students will be a slow nightmare each day, or your students will be sitting in stalled buses on the freeway. If you need to leave home to go to work, time to get on or off the freeway will be in the 20-45 minute range. If you use Camino del Mar in rush hour expect much of North County to divert through Del Mar to avoid the freeway traffic jam. You should be concerned about emergency response times because Del Mar and Solana Beach back up each other and the San Diego fire station would be located east of a One Paseo; ambulances coming from Cardiff and Solana Beach on I-5 will face backed up freeways and exits. Ambulances traveling from our areas to hospitals north or south may face life threatening delays. Brush trucks which carry water to the bottom of canyons in case of fire will also be held up coming from station 24.

We must SHRINK One Paseo before its traffic threatens to strangle our communities. You can help us make a difference. The San Diego Planning Commission DID NOT APPROVE the proposed One Paseo project, but forwarded the decision onto City Council with concerns. Join the voices insisting on a mixed-use development that is consistent with the current Community Plan and zoning.

To help: go to
www.WhatPriceMainStreet.com/ and sign their petition; come to our Planning Board meeting on Thursday, January 8 from 7-9 p.m. at the Del Mar Hills Academy Performing Arts Center, 14085 Mango Drive for the latest information or email Dee Rich at stoppaseo@delmarsandpiper.org to ask questions. And please say yes when we call or knock on your door for support.

ALERT! San Diego City Council expected to
make up its mind about PASEO on February 23.



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