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Index of Articles by Month


July 2015

Who is Kaaboo?  - Jeff Barnouw

Editorial - Power to the People

Caskets Not End Solution  - Don Mosier

Commentary: Speculating in Old Del Mar: The Transformation of Old Del Mar  - Anthony Corso

Commentary: Speculating in Old Del Mar: Fraternity Row on Beach  - Glenn Warren

Getting to Know You: Scott MacDonald  - Harold Feder

Appreciating Peter Kaye  - Carol Mason

Dreams on Track: E is the Ticket  - Jeff Barnouw

Dreams on Track: Park Plan Proceeds  - Ann Gardner

A More Permanent Park  - Jeff Barnouw

Commentary: Scrub Coastal Sage  - John Gillies

Short Takes on Film  - Ben Nyce

Bike/Walk  - Al Tarkington

Locavores’ Delight: Grilled Vegetable-Stuffed Red Bell Peppers - Valerie Fanning

Roving Teen Reporter: See You in September!  - Leah Gans

MOPping Up Paseo  - Diana Scheffler

Lanes or Trains  - Ann Gardner

Living in Traffic  - Karen Lockwood

Urban Forest Debated  - Shirley King

Book Corner: Summer Book Club  - Karen Wilson, Sandra Hoyle, and Jill MacDonald

Water Academy  - Robin Crabtree



June 2015

Killjoy For Kilroy- Ann Gardner

EDITORIAL: Make short-terms a Memory

COMMENTARY: Strangers in the Night - Peter Sertic

Ask Dr. Rich - Rich Simons

Design Redo Board Art Olson

City Hears Citizens Andrew Potter

COMMENTARY: Digestion Suggestion - Shirley King

Civic Center Design: Design Progresses - Kathy Garcia

Civic Center Design: Architects Take Note To the People of Del Mar, May 6, 2015
Miller Hull: Mike Jobes, Caroline Kreiser and Kurt Stolle

Fourth Quarter of Life: Memory - Anthony Corso

Fourth Quarter of Life: Stay or Go? - Nancy Fisher

Fourth Quarter of Life: Resilient Rachel - Rachel Reed

Beg, Borrow & Steal - Shannon Hogan Cohen

Hola, Ana - Helen Kaufmann

Book Corner: White Gloves and Collards - Virginia Lawrence

Drought Discipline - Scott Huth

Shaping Shores - Ann Gardner

UPCYCLING - Helen Kaufmann

DMTV PRESENTS: Del Mar Viewing - Luana Karr

River Park Lands McKernan - Marc Ochenduszko

“Lone Ranger” Rides Again - Anthony Corso


May 2015

EDITORIAL: No Drought Doubt

PASEO Pop!  Bud Emerson and Ann Gardner

News Updates  Bud Emerson

Round and Round We Go!  Jeff Barnouw

Ask Dr. Rich  Rich Simons

COMMENTARY: Air Assault  Scott Renner

COMMENTARY: Cycle Citation  Ira Sharp

Housing For All: From Sacramento to Watermark on Jimmy Durante  Bud Emerson

On Your Mark  Bud Emerson

Design Do-Over  Bud Emerson

Designers Designated  Don Mosier

Salute!  Virginia Lawrence

Roving Teen Reporter: Not Disneyland!  Leah Gans

Reluctant Compromise  Jacqueline Winterer

Book Corner: Secret ID Question  Virginia Lawrence

Short Takes on Film  Ben Nyce

A Place In The Sun  Shirley King

Locavores' Delight: Strawberry Soup  Daresse Webb

No Hog Here! Neighborhood Jewel with a Surprise  Karen Lockwood


April 2015

Del Mar Chargers - Art Olson

EDITORIAL: Full Plate Indigestion

Lagoon Love-In: Sunday, April 19th - Lucy Zizka

Dr. Rich - Rich Simons

Civic Consensus - Bud Emerson

News Updates: Jimmy Durante, Budget, Watermark - Bud Emerson

Hosting History - Jeff Barnouw

Fair Lee - Shirley King

Kilroy Aftershocks - Ann Garnder

Boardwalk Blues - Jacqueline Winterer

Hawk Watch - Art Olson and David Arnold

Know Your Neighbor: Paul Thomas - Harold Feder

Book Corner: Adam's College Capers - Letter to the editor from Adam Birnbaum

Roving Teen Reporter: To Vax or Not to Vax - Leah Gans

Wising Up to Water Waste - Shannon Hogan Cohen

Sea Change - Shirley King

Shot in Del Mar: Rare Rain - Bill Morris

Neighborly Development: Property Rights vs Community Rights - Letter to the editor from Nate McCay

DMTV Presents: A Walk in the Park - Luana Karr

Short Takes on Film - Ben Nyce

Locavores' Delight: Spring Frittata - Valerie Fanning

KAABOOM! - Bud Emerson

April Fish




March 2015

Golden Guards: Their Beat is the Beach! - Larry Brooks

EDITORIAL: Del Mar’s Citizens United

Rising Dough - Jim Eckmann

NEWS UPDATES - Bud Emerson

Dr. Rich - Rich Simons

We Got Satisfaction - Jeff Barnouw

Fourth Quarter of Life: Crucial Conversations - Nancy Fisher

Counting On You - Jeff Barnouw

Walk on The Block Yet Again! - Ann Gardner

Dreams of Fields - Ann Gardner

MAY 2: Plan Your Park Party - Ann Gardner

ROVING TEEN REPORTER: Pet Teachers - Leah Gans

BeetleMania - Shirley King

Poll Dancing - Dwight Worden

One PASEO Approved:    7 Yes 2 No - Ann Gardner


BOOK CORNER: The Boys of Summer by Roger Kahn - Penny Abell

LOCAVORES’ DELIGHT: Spicy Peanut Butter Noodles - Leslie Robson

Wind in Home Sales - Tracy Weaver and John Wilcox

DMTV PRESENTS: Dentistry Trends - Luana Karr

Mean Streets - Sherryl L. Parks


February 2015

DRINKING RESPONSIBLY:The Underground  - Shirley King

EDITORIAL: Grass Roots Routes

CITY HALL: A Three Way  - Bud Emerson

Ask Dr. Rich - Rich Simons

Fuzz Buzz  - Jim Benedict

GETTING TO KNOW YOU: Penny Abell  - Harold Feder, Cub Reporter

Spaced Out  - Tom McGreal

Parking Puzzle Pieces  - Tom McGreal

MUM'S NOT THE WORD: Brown Act Opening up in DM  - Dwight Worden

DMTV PRESENTS: Meet Market | Hitting It Off in San Diego  - Luana Karr

Not-So-Happy Hour  - Louise Keeling

YOU FIRST, NO YOU! Polite Park Planning  - Ann Gardner

BOOK CORNER: The Great Ringtail Garbage Caper by Timothy Foote  - Virginia Lawrence

RUSTY’S Ride  - Anthony Corso

ROVING TEEN REPORTER: Selfies of Substance  - Leah Gans

Feathered Census  - Ed Mirsky

SATISFACTION SUMMARY SOON: Reaching Out for Feedback and Input  - Jeffrey Barnouw

DOWN TO THE WIRE: Stop THIS Paseo!  - Ann Gardner

Over the Fence  - Anthony Corso

LOCAVORES' DELIGHT: Fritto Misto di Mare ‘n More  - Di Holker

Short Takes on Film  - Ben Nyce

News Updates - Bud Emerson

Owls on the Prowl  - Shirley King


December 2014

Shrink One PASEO - Dee Rich

PASEO: Get It Right - Ann Gardner

Dump PASEO Now - Ann Gardner

EDITORIAL: Civic Consensus


Dr. Rich - Rich Simons

Curb The Can - Anthony Corso

A Greener Grass - Art Olson



Stepping Out - Nancy Fisher

BOOK CORNER:  Local Author Showcase - Virginia Lawrence

BOOK CORNER: Library Book Club - Joanne Sharp and Virginia Lawrence

Holiday Meals From the Market - Di Holker

ROVING TEEN REPORTER: “Luckily” Unfocused - Leah Gans

Emissions Cloud I-5 Widening - Ann Gardner

Double Centennial Celebration - Photos Nancy Fisher

Rail Splitting - Ed Mirsky

Pack It Out - Shirley King

How Del Mar Voted - Dave Druker

LOCAVORE'S DELIGHT: Christmas Eve Seven Seafood Soup - Valerie Fanning

Short Takes on Film- Ben Nyce

J WALK - Jacqueline Winterer and Jeff Barnouw

The Business Cyclist - Art Olson

Drinking Responsibly - Piper Underwood

COMMENTARY: Unhappy Surprises! - Tim Haviland


November 2014

PASEO: Hung Out to Dry  Ann Gardner


Seeding Science: Growing STEM Locally  Art Olson

Ask Dr. Rich Rich Simons

Are You Being Served?  Anthony Corso

Drinking Responsibly: Del Mar’s Garden Pros Weigh in on Lawns  Linda Chisari

LISTEN UP, CITY COUNCIL: Dwight Soundings  Dwight Worden

LISTEN UP, CITY COUNCIL: Terry Soundings  Terry Sinnott

Final Four? Community Choices  Kathy Garcia

Getting to Know You  Harold Feder, Cub Reporter

Ring of Fire: The Circle of Support Carol Kerridge

Rod Removal  Don Mosier

Put a CAP on It  Anthony Corso

Put a COP On It  Jim Benedict

They’re Off - Again ! Will the hordes follow the horses?  Carl Hilliard

All About Schmidt  Ann Gardner

TRACKING: News Updates  Bud Emerson

Man Of Action  Nancy Fisher

BOOK CORNER: Too Hot to Touch  Virginia Lawrence

Hot Topic  Anthony Corso

What’s Your Viewpoint?  Jeff Barnouw

DMTV PRESENTS: Look Back  Luana Karr

Short Takes on Film  Ben Nyce

SHOT IN DEL MAR: Doggies Decked Out for Halloween  Bill Morris

LOCAVORES' DELIGHT: Fried Cheese-Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms  Di Holker

ROVING TEEN REPORTER: Future Fever  Leah Gans



October 2014

Slimming Carbon Diet  Shirley King

EDITORIAL: Small Is Good

CITY HALL: Voice your Choice  Kathy Garcia

Ask Dr. Rich Rich Simons

Hello, Mate! Lorna Jane  Shirley King

Community Protectors  Nancy Fisher

Peak Performers  Nancy Fisher

Ranger Right  Dwight Worden and Scott Huth

DMTV PRESENTS: Ready Ready?  Luana Karr

Del Mar’s 350 Volunteers: The Best of the Best  Virginia Lawrence

Dwight Soundings  Dwight Worden

Terry Soundings  Terry Sinnott

Candid Camera Seeing Red  Dave Druker

Short Takes on Film  Ben Nyce

BOZO 2: Free the Beach  Dwight Worden

BOOK CORNER: eBorrow from the eBranch  Virginia Lawrence

RISING WATER: Water, Sewer and Clean Water Rates  Dave Druker

Village Protection  Anthony Corso

Pick Perfect  Ann Gardner

Del Mar Does PASEO  Ann Gardner

Tree City USA  Anthony Corso

Double Centennial  Jeff Barnouw

Story Poles  Debbie Hall

LOCAVORES DELIGHT: Mushroom Risotto  Di Holker

PASEO: No No No No No!  Ann Gardner


September 2014


Dwight speaks

Terry speaks

EDITORIAL: Door to Door

Voter Affiliation 2012 vs 2014

Election Cancelled Dave Druker

Water Down - Rates Up  Anthony Corso

Ask Dr. Rich  Rich Simons

Whither Watermark  Bud Emerson

PASEO “Overriding” Community  Ann Gardner

City Hall plus ... ?  Kathy Garcia

Historical House Hunting  Lynn Gaylord

Beach Scores As Across Board  Mark Corcoran

BOZO Beach Rescue Part I  Bud Emerson

DMTV PRESENTS: Ice Detective  Luana Karr

BOOK CORNER: Del Mar Foundation Summer Book Club  Bill Morris, Betty Wheeler, Jill Weitzen MacDonald, and Steve Lutz

Librarian on the Loose  Ann Gardner

The Big Clean  Bill Michalsky

Wastewater Changes Course  Scott Huth

Big Picture Park: Reaching Out - Not Narrowing Down  Ann Gardner

Fair Pay  Scott Huth and Pat Vergne


Drought Watch  Jeff Barnouw

LOCAVORES DELIGHT:  Peach and Blackberry Granola Crisp  Valerie Fanning

Vanilla Squid and Friends  Shirley King

NEIGHBORS FOR NEIGHBORS:  Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker  Carol Kerridge

GETTING TO KNOW YOU: Marnie Mahoney  Harold Feder

The Ten Commandments  Carol Kerridge

Local ZMapp Zaps Ebola  Art Olson


July and August 2014 Issue

ROVING TEEN REPORTER: Class of ‘14 Words of Wisdom - Leila Zein-Phillipson

EDITORIAL: Preserve and Protect

DMTV PRESENTS: Summer Showtime - Luana Karr

Dr. Rich - Rich Simons

Recruiting Retail - Richard Earnest


 PIPE UP: To The Sandpiper Editors - Frank Chisari


LETTER: To The Del Mar City Council - Bud Emerson

Brainstorming - Bud Emerson


PASEO PRESERVES: With Artificial Sweeteners - Ann Gardner


LOCAVORES DELIGHT: Duck Egg Saksuka - Di Holker


BOOK CORNER: Chop Suey and Apple Pie - Virginia Lawrence

News Updates

Watermark Update


Reserves Up


Shores Park Advisory Committee


Summer Staffing


Lifeguard Pay


Hail and Farewell - Carol Kerridge

DRB Nuts and Bolts and Story Poles - Art Olson

Monster Morphing - Jeff Barnouw

Political Scuttlebutt - Bud Emerson


Wake Up, Del Mar! Evolution of a Climate Action Plan - Anthony Corso


Role Model Chula Vista - Shirley King  and Anthony Corso

Short Takes on Film - Ben Nyce


June 2014 Issue


TED TALK: Opening Minds to Open Spaces  Sherryl Parks | City Council Liaison to Shores Committee

EDITORIAL: Beyond the Cocoon

Respected Neighbors  Bud Emerson

PIPE UP:  Pass On Polytrack  Carl Hilliard

Mowing Down Pollution  Shirley King

Ask Dr. Rich  Rich Simons

SONGs Gone Wrong  Donald Mosier | City Council Member

DMTV PRESENTS: Tamara’s Sacred Journey Tibet  Luana Karr | DMTV

There For Us  Nancy Fisher

Team Terrific  Nancy Fisher

LOCAVORES DELIGHT: Bulgur Wheat Salad  Leslie Robson



Clock Wise Phasing: Two Phases  Jacqueline Winterer

Ideas Due June 9  Bud Emerson

Sideways to City Hall  Tom McGreal

Workshop 2 on June 9

OPINION:   Monty Woolley


BIRDWING Booked Ann Gardner

What Sells? DM Real Estate Blazing Hot  Tracy Weaver & John Wilcox

Bigger Better?  Ann Gardner

History Speaks  Suzi Resnik

Project Progress  Courtesy Mayor Lee Haydu

Stuck On NO  Ann Gardner

River Park Weighting  Ann Gardner

Highlands Zones Out  Ann Gardner

Coughlin’s Legacy  Jill Coughlin

TRACKING: News Updates

BOOK CORNER: Little Free Library  Virginia Lawrence

Neighborhood Adoption  Shirley King


May 2014 Issue


Boardwalk Blues - Ann Gardner

EDITORIAL: Community Unity

Turnoff Runoff - Anthony Corso

Ask Dr. Rich - Richard Simons

Have A Seat! New Model: DM and Solana Beach may have seats - Bud Emerson

DMTV Presents: The Life - Mind & Spirit - Luana Karr

Book Corner: Page Turners - Virginia Lawrence

Civic Center Concept: A letter from a group of about 30 citizens sent to City Council

Civic Center: Kit & Jim Propose A Proposed Plan for Del Mar Community Center & Public Plaza

Paseo: Speak Now ... or Gridlock Forever - Ann Gardner

Equine Injury Inquiry - Shirley King

Roving teen reporter: Coachillin at Coachella - Leila Zein-Phillipson

Tracks? Think Train - Nancy Fisher

Planning Perfect Park - Ann Gardner

Once there was a wooden bridge - Peter Jensen

People We Count On - Bud Emerson

Francesco Parks Here - Shirley King

Stay Cool 4 Grandkids - Anthony Corso and Shirley King

Return Of the Fords: Grand Opening North Torrey Pines Bridge - Bill Morris


Locavores Delight: Ahi Tuna Avocado Stack - Daresse Webb

Soft Pedaling Del Mar - Art Olson


April 2014 Issue

House of (Business) Cards - Art Olson

EDITORIAL: Norm Nudging

PIPE UP: Above and Beyond - Karen Lockwood

Dr. Rich - Richard Simons

Lawn be Gone: Water Conservation Rebates and Discounts

BOOK CORNER: Road Reading - Bud Emerson

AIR QUALITY: Car Culture Casualties - Ann Gardner

AIR QUALITY: CAPing Carbon - Don Mosier, City Council

AIR QUALITY: Blowing Smoke ONE PASEO - Diana Scheffler

Return of the Lagoon - Bill Michalsky

Weare Year

Planning Practitioners - Anthony Corso

MOM’S BIRTHDAY (HIC!) RUM CAKE - Richard (Dr. Rich) Simons

Project Progress - Courtesy Mayor Lee Haydu

Confident CAFR: Good Results - Tom McGreal

Blue Button Benefits - Dave Druker

Survey Says - Dave Druker

DMTV PRESENTS: Saving Mother Earth - Luana Karr

Shore Master - Ann Gardner

Boardwalk May Take A Hike - Jacqueline Winterer

Big Fish - Bud Emerson


Designing Women - Shirley King

Social Services & Good Times Committee: Mary Ann Emerson - Nancy Fisher

LOCAVORES DELIGHT: Traditional Fish Stock - Di Holker

EXTRA EXTRA! Sandpiper Exclusives


March 2014 Issue

Digitizing Decades - Nancy Fisher

EDITORIAL: Seeking Common Ground

Project Progress - Courtesy Mayor Lee Haydu

Ask Dr. Rich- Rich Simons

Trimming the Wasteline - Shirley King

DMTV PRESENTS: Car Guys - Luana Karr

WATER WORRIES: Del Mar Dustbowl - Bill Michalsky

WATER WORRIES: When in Drought… - Del Mar Garden Club

WATER WORRIES: Water 101 - Ken Olson

ROVING TEEN REPORTER: Driving While InTEXTicated - Leila Zein-Phillipson

CITY HALL Q&A: Interview with Mayor Lee Haydu - Ann Gardner

How Soon We Forget - Dwight Worden

Yoga for Young’uns - Virginia Lawrence and Bill Morris

Tackling Traffic - Anthony Corso

VOLUNTEERS: Your Chance to Enhance - VOLUNTEERS: Shaping Shores Park

VOLUNTEERS: Crouch Jumps In - Nancy Fisher

OPINION: Del Mar’s Other Mayor - Gordon Clanton

SHORT TAKES ON FILM: American Hustle; the Great Beauty - Ben Nyce

HIGH ON HOVs: More People or More Cars - Ann Gardner

Banner Month for Del Mar

BOOK CORNER: Simenon - Ann Gardner

New City Talent - Anthony Corso


FEBRUARY 2014 Issue

Lou Terrell 1938-2014
  Bud Emerson

EDITORIAL: Compromised Commission

Express Yourself  Ann Gardner

Careful Cash Counting  Tom McGreal

Ask Dr. Rich!  Rich Simons

Converting Gun Money  Shirley King

Sustainable Help  Gregg Hibbard

Public Works Working  Nancy Fisher

Inside Public Works Nancy Fisher

Gas Pains Delay Bridge  Dave Druker

Seven Sidewalks  Dave Druker

Highway Hangover  Ann Gardner

Major Minor  Dave Druker

Welcome AMR  Sherryl L. Parks

Arigato Grazie Merci Danke Xièxiè Gracias Spasibo Obrigado

ROVING TEEN REPORTER: YOLOs and More  Leila Zein-Phillison

ONE PASEO: What lies are ahead?  Bob Fuchs


Admin Andrew  Anthony Corso

LOCAVORE'S DELIGHT: Pappardelle with Oyster Mushrooms, Preserved Lemons, Lardoons, and Arugula  Di Holker

DMTV PRESENTS: “Joe”  Luana Karr

Book Lover Leaves Peter Kaye

CERTain NEST  Carol Kerridge

Remote House Calls  Dave Druker

New Name New Spaces  Anthony Corso

BOOK CORNER: Favorites for 2013  Virginia Lawrence

DECEMBER 2013 Issue

Traffic Jam Scam  Ann Gardner


Letter To The Editor: Process Patience  Mayor Terry Sinnott

Dr. Rich  Rich Simons

Dmtv PRESENTS: Better Brain, Better Life  Luana Karr

Locavore’s Delight: Currying the Flavor  Traffic Jam Scam
Ann Gardner

Close to Getting There  Ann Gardner

Herons or Hondas? Ten-Year Tenure  Ann Gardner

Short Takes On Film  Ben Nyce

Hello Officer?  Dave Druker

Making Main Street  Richard Earnest

Greenery in the Scenery  Freda Reid

Birdwing Takes Wing  Jeffrey Barnouw

Rosy Thanksgiving: Collaboration in Full Bloom  Kristen Druker

Viva Le Bambou!  Anthony Corso

Support Endangered Species  Ann Gardner

Doctor Del Mar  Nancy Fisher and Deacon Al Graff

Book Corner: Reading on the Run  Brooke Eisenberg-Pike

No Idle Idling  Dr. Bruce Bekkar MD

Roving Teen Reporter: College App Zapped  Leila Zein-Phillipson

NOVEMBER 2013 Issue

Volunteer of the Year: Mary King - Nancy Fisher

EDITORIAL: Local Lucre

Chapeaux to Go - Shirley King

Del Mar Shops - Shirley King

Ask Dr. Rich - Rich Simons

Races Raise Revenue - Dave Druker

Opportunity Knocks - Al Corti

Cop Shopping - Jim Benedict

Shake, Rattle, and Roll - Sherryl L. Parks

Nurturing Natives - Ed Mirsky

Pick a PASEO - Ann Gardner

Poseidon Prayer at Torrey Pines Beach - Therese Graf

SOL EOL GRD: Board Bargaining - Jacqueline Winterer

SOL EOL GRD: Local Market Support - Nicole Holliday

DEL MAR VOICES: A City is Born - Suzi Resnik

Artistic Differences - Nancy Fisher

Short Takes on Film - Ben Nyce

Self-Service Startup - Dave Druker

LOCAVORES DELIGHT: Thai Lettuce Wraps - Nicole Holliday

BOOK CORNER: More About Guys and Book Groups - Joe Sullivan

PET PEEVES: Bumper Cars - Anthony Corso

DMTV PRESENTS: Herb Turner - Luana Karr


OCTOBER 2013 Issue

Adopt-A-Spot  Nancy Fisher

EDITORIAL: Human Resources

Definitely Not Marginal  Terry Sinnott

Ask Dr. Rich  Rich Simons

Season Satisfies  Mac McBride | Director of Media, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club

Sage Advice  Ed Mirsky

Sandpiper À Go-Go

Pat Welsh  Suzi Resnik

Refreshing Heights  Anthony Corso

City Haul  Terry Sinnott

Sowing Scholars  Nicole Holliday

Locavores Delight: Relishing the Sweet Patooties  Valerie Fanning

Udder Disarmament  Shirley King

DMTV Presents:  Are You Ready?  Luana Karr

Planning Ahead  Kathy Garcia

Grilling Paseo  Ann Gardner

Guys Don’t Do Book Clubs  Judd Halenza


September 2013 Issue

Seasonal, Not Marginal - Jonathan Edelbrock

EDITORIAL: Funding the Future

Revenue Resources - Dave Druker

Ask Dr. RICH! - Rich Simons

Paying the Piper (Sand)

New Cop Shop? - Jim Benedict

Pension Perspectives - Bud Emerson

Mail Satisfaction - Shirley King

BOOK CORNER: The Russians Are Coming - Ann Gardner

PASEO Del Mar - Diana Scheffler

Appreciating Charlotte 1928 - 2013 - Nancy Fisher

ROVING TEEN REPORTER: Home Sweet Del Mar - Leila Zein-Phillipson

Citizen Del Mar - Bud Emerson

McLeader - Suzi Resnik

Laura’s Law - Nancy Fisher

Garden Guzzlers Gone - Ed Mirsky

1,000-Foot Platform? - Bill Michalsky

City Hall Stall - Ann Gardner

Crustaceans Denied - Shirley King

Eucalyptus Under Fire - Ann Gardner

LOCAVORES DELIGHT: Summer Fresh - Lisa Renner

NeFAIRious! - Jacqeline Winterer

Watermark Housing - Bud Emerson

DMTV PRESENTS: Del Mar Shorts - Luana Karr

Short Takes on Film - Ben Nyce

Easy Rider - Art Olson


Summer (July/August) 2013 Issue

Wrong Way Walkable  Ann Gardner


COMMENTARY: Stretching the Home Stretch - Carl Hilliard

Ask Dr. Rich - Rich Simons

Board Games - Bud Emerson

Trashing Trash Traffic - Shirley King

Low Bid - Dave Druker

Short Takes on Film - Ben Nyce

ROVING TEEN REPORTER: Good-bye, High! - Leila Zein-Phillipson

A Wins - Dave Druker

Safety in Numbers - Shirley King

It’s Elemental! - Bud Emerson

HAPPY TRAILS II: Devils in the Dust - Ann Gardner

Ridoplasty on Jimmy Durante - Ann Gardner

Summer Sun Sand Surf Safety - Jon Edelbrock

Mobile Books - Ann Gardner

Viable Vons - Ann Gardner

Sharrow Streetscape - Ann Gardner

LOCAVORES DELIGHT: Ceviche - Nicole Holliday

Another Big Secret - Anthony Corso

Sayonara SONGS - Don Mosier

Mother Rules - Bruce Bekkar, MD

BOOK CORNER: Book Babes (and Dudes)
Joanne Sharp

DMTV PRESENTS: A Life Well Read  Luana Karr

Canine Campers Nancy Fisher


June 2013 Issue

Grading the Lagoon  Ann Gardner


Don’t Be Gun-Shy  Shirley King

Ask Dr. Rich Rich Simons

Paseo Delayo  Bud Emerson

Taking Care of Business: Rookie’s First Budget Ride  Sherryl L. Parks

Taking Care of Business: Public Works Works  Shirley King

Taking Care of Business: Securing Retirement  Tom McGreal

Fairer Trading  Shirley King

Mood Indigo  Anthony Corso

The Upside of Down  Nancy Fisher

Let It Flow, Let It Flow, Let It Flow!  Maryruth Cox

DMTV Presents: Survival in the Weave  Luana Karr

Locavores Delight: Do Yourself a Fava  Nicole Holliday

The Greening of Del Mar?  Anthony Corso

Book Corner: Book Chef  Jill Weitzen MacDonald

VIP Seating  Bud Emerson

Nuke Rebuke  Donald Mosier

Cultivating Culture  Drew Cady

Short Takes on Film  Ben Nyce

Roving Teen Reporter: PRAMA  Leila Zein-Phillipson


May 2013 Issue

Do Not Resuscitate  Don Mosier

EDITORIAL: Del Mar is You

Over-seasoning the Master Plan?:  A Second Racing Season and the 2009 Fairgrounds Master Plan  Jacqueline Winterer

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

No Seat for You  Bud Emerson

Fish ‘N’ Chicks  Ann Gardner

Remembering John Kerridge  Bud Emerson

Man of the Universe  Larry Brooks with help from Kurt Marti and Kevin McKeegan

Tall Tales of North City West  Diana Scheffler

Fund Folks Found  Dave Druker

Roving Teen Reporter: Teens on the Town  Leila Zein-Phillipson

Better Brain, Better Life  Luana Karr | DMTV

A Toil of Two Cities  Virginia Lawrence

The Good News About Crime  Dave Druker

Market Stocks Up  Nicole Holliday

Follow the Money  Dave Druker

Let’s Do Lunch  Nancy Fisher

OPINION: Gun Sales for Gun Control?  Henry Abarbanel

OPINION: The 49th Peril  Shirley King

Book Corner: What are DEL MARIANS reading?  Virginia Lawrence

Short Takes On Film  Ben Nyce

Sweet Fifteen: II  Nancy Fisher

Going Native  Ed Mirsky

Pacific Pup Protection  Jon Edelbrock

Keep on Truckin’  Ann Gardner

Parking People Person  Nancy Fisher


April 2013 Issue

Fairboard Drones On   Art Olson

EDITORIAL: Mobilize Del Mar

Cut Through Del Mar   Ann Gardner

Amending Encinitas   Dave Druker

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

Fifty of Shades of Green   Anthony Corso

Fairgrounds Update  Bud Emerson

Baby’s First Gun Show  Photos by a reluctant Nancy Fisher with by her bodyguard, Mike Salt

Council-Manager Model: Revisiting Responsibilities  Bud Emerson

Sweet Fifteen  Nancy Fisher and Nancy Weare

Happ13y Trails  Ann Gardner

Remembering Paul Haydu 1946-2013  Virginia Lawrence

Where the Bonbons Are  Shirley King

Rainforest Rescued  Luana Karr

Dave Delivers  Nancy Fisher

Young Masters  Art Olson

Housing Blueprint  Bud Emerson

Harnessing Creativity  Bill Michalsky

Short Takes on Film  Ben Nyce



March 2013 Issue

Keeping on Track  Nancy Fisher


Roving Teen Reporter: Turn That Down!  Leila Zein-Phillipson

Ask Dr. Rich!  Rich Simons

OPINION: Revitalization Revisited II: A 4-step Program  Sam Borgese

Real Estate Rumble  John Wilcox & Tracy Weaver

Who Are We? : DM Demographics II  Bud Emerson

Snarl on Main Street  Ann Gardner

Fairgrounds Focus  Bud Emerson

OPINION: In a League of His Own  Shirley King

History Secedes Itself  Bud Emerson

Kick Up Pick Up  Sherryl L. Parks

Short Takes on Film  Ben Nyce

Plaza’s Giant Hole  Richard Earnest

Pickles and Pickets:  From Ceremony to Controversy  Anthony Corso

DM International: Who should Del Mar be?  Art Olson

DMTV Peace Play  Pete Glaser and Kristen Druker

Rita Rules  Nicole Holliday

Follow the Money November 2012 Election  Dave Druker

Occupy Del Mar  Dave Druker

Confusing Confucius  Nancy Fisher


February 2013 Issue

Suburgatory  Diana Scheffler

Guns, guns, guns!

EDITORIAL: Lethal Weapons Die Hard


Who’s Holding the Gun?  Nancy Fisher


Dueling Amendments  Shirley King

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

OPINION: Revitalization Revisited part I  Sam Borgese

Harvesting a New Market

The Price of Peace  Jim Benedict

If the Suit Fits  Dwight Worden

Good For The SOL  Jacqueline Winterer

ROVING TEEN REPORTER: Taking the Bullies by the Horns  Leila Zein-Phillipson

Downtown Digs  Virginia Lawrence

OPINION: Kilroy's Claim  Diana Scheffler

Fun in the Fifties  Chris Hillman

Short Takes on Film  Ben Nyce

Tracking the Tracks  Nancy Fisher

Sustainable Tourists  Anthony Corso

Stifle SONGS  Don Mosier

Coast to Crest  Ann Gardner

Bucks Up  Teresa McBroome

ElectoFacts  Dave Druker

Help Wanted!!!  Anthony Corso

L’Auberge Vendue  Dave Druker

Affordable Del Mar  Bud Emerson

Harvest Market Fermé  Ann Gardner



December 2012 Issue

Tasty Trucks Trial Ann Gardner

EDITORIAL: Community Unity?

GUEST EDITORIAL: When Life Gives You Lemons: Where do we go from here?  John Kerridge

Roving Teen Reporter: Political Newbies  Leila Zein-Phillipson

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

Shopping List  Ann Gardner

Parking Plan  Tom McGreal


Fair to All  Bud Emerson

Vanishing Valitar  Bud Emerson

The Votes Are In  Dave Druker

Workin’ on the Railroad: Verne Yates, Local Switchman  Sherryl L. Parks

Virginia Igonda: March 10, 1935 - Nov. 7, 2012  Carol Mason

A Lot Has Changed  Dave Druker

Paseo’s Drafty Draft:  Time to ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS!  Bob Fuchs

Thanks, Danny!  Nancy Fisher

Curtains for the Floodplain  Ann Gardner

Neighborly Negotiations  Anthony Corso

Florence Stevens 1915-2012

Designs on Downtown  Art Olson

Grannys for Grants  Bud Emerson

Seeking Hosts  Nancy Fisher


November 2012 Issue

Ain’t She Sweet!  Shirley King


Leaders Listening

Count Down to Election Day  Sherryl L. Parks


Lessons from the Forums  Don Mosier


My Thoughts and TakeAways  Al Corti

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

Faulty Towers  Don Mosier

Faulty Five

Bike To Work  Ann Gardner


Footways not Freeways  Eduardo Savigliano

Candidates Weigh Paseo Bob Fuchs

On the Road Again  Arlene Lighthall

Roving Teen Reporter: To Cheat or Not to Cheat  Leila Zein-Phillipson

Brooks Parry 1922-2012  Peter Kaye

Fair Board Futures

New Fair Face  Bud Emerson


Partnership Potential  Bud Emerson

Dorothy Newton 1921-2012  Rosanne & Joel Holliday

Classic Crossing Coming  Dave Druker

Political Scuttlebutt  Dave Druker

Del Mar’s Lone Ranger  Anthony Corso


October 2012 Issue

New Council Mix  Ann Gardner

EDITORIAL Double Vision

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

Political Scuttlebutt  Dave Druker

For and Against VSP

for : Why we should vote for the VSP  John Kerridge


against : Why I can’t vote for the VSP  Frank Chisari


for : Finally Del Mar can achieve its goals  Jim Watkins


against : Save Olde Del Mar  Tom McGreal


for : Ten reasons why I am voting for VSP  Terry Sinnott, Deputy Mayor


against : Sandpiper editorial challenge  Brooke Eisenberg-Pike

Community Home  Virginia Lawrence

For and Against Prop H

for H : Randy’s Story  Linda Strause


against H : Issues  Don Mosier, City Council Member

Roving Teen Reporter : Problems of Substance  Leila Zein-Phillipson

Out Damn Weeds Ann Gardner

NESTing in Del Mar  Nancy Fisher

Shot Shindig Virginia Lawrence

Featuring Del Mar  Sam Borgese

Lovin’ Music  Joanne Sharp

Richard Stark 1933-2012

San Onofre Sins  Don Mosier, City Council Member

Power in Powerhouse  Nancy Fisher

Fair settlement Finally?  Bud Emerson

Scaled Down Paseo?  Bob Fuchs

Other Election ssues

AA Schools for Del Mar  Mary Farrell


Classroom Politics  Dee Rich

Old Dog Young Vet  Shirley King


September 2012 Issue

Watch Out  Shirley King

EDITORIAL: Voter Homework

The Other REVI  Anthony Corso

Political Scuttlebutt Dave Druker

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

Fair Board: Stay Tuned  Bud Emerson

VSP: Facts & Opinions

Survey Split  Bud Emerson


VSP Evolution  Don Mosier


It Will Work  Wayne Dernetz


It Won’t Work  Dave Druker


Need To Know  Art Olson


Parking Perplexes  Tom McGreal

Solana PLACE Making  Ann Gardner

Shores Cinema

Mile Markers: 3 Up, 57 to Go  Jacqueline Winterer and Bill Farrell

Monster in the Lagoon

This I Believe  Nancy Fisher

CALTRANS Confidential  Ann Gardner

Community Building  Betty Wheeler

Del Mar Roots  Sam Borgese

One Huge Paseo  Bob Fuchs

Safe Summer Waves  Jon Edelbrock

Roving Teen Reporter  Leila Zein-Phillipson


July 2012 Issue

Amazing Adam  Art Olson

EDITORIAL VSP - Ready for Prime Time?

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

Super In ‘N’ Out  Sherryl L. Parks

Political Scuttlebutt  Dave Druker

About Revitalization



About Development  Tom McGreal


About Changes  Kathy Garcia, City of Del Mar


Park About  Tom McGreal


About Roundabouts  Bud Emerson


About Paying  Scott Huth and Mark Delin, City of Del Mar

Monster of the Lagoon  Jeffrey Barnouw

Beach Safety Center Grand Opening   Virginia Lawrence

Student Summer Sampler  Leila Z-P, Torrey Pines High School Junior

City Council Needs YOU!  Sherryl L. Parks

Flag Felicity  Nancy Fisher

This I Believe…  Paige Blaire, Rector of St. Peter’s ESpiscopal Church, Del Mar

A BID Bet  Sherryl L. Parks

Seams Good  Sherryl L. Parks

City Slams One Paseo

I-5/SR56 Mess:
letter from Torrey Pines Community Planning Board to CALTRANS

Open Air Classroom  Jeffrey Barnouw

Pot Politics  Dave Druker

Nuke Nervousness  Donald Mosier - Councilmember, City of Del Mar


June 2012 Issue

Wounded Warriors Deploy in Surf  Sherryl L. Parks

EDITORIAL:  Del Mar Foreign Policy

Art Pulsing  Anthony Corso

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

Super Voting

Political Scuttlebutt
Who’s Backing the Candidates?

Dave Druker


What’s at Stake
Pam Slater-Price, Third District County Supervisor

Born to Connect  Virginia Lawrence

Fair Affairs

Good Neighbor Policy Adam Day, President 22nd DAA; and David Watson, Director 22nd DAA.


Walking the Talk?  Bud Emerson

Council’ s Nuclear Challenge  Nancy Fisher

Village Specific Plan

Citizens Speak  Kathy Garcia, Planning and Community Development Director


Merchants Mind  Dave Druker


Del Mar-only Ballot  Bud Emerson


Butcher, Baker, and Starbucks  Ann Gardner

Kilroy Plaza

One Paseo Opposition Swells  Diana Scheffler


It’s a Mall!  Diana Scheffler

Recycling the Tough Stuff  Sherryl L. Parks

Courting Decoys  Brian Foster, PhD., Contract Biologist

Who are We?
Interesting Del Mar Factoids from 2010 Census
  Bud Emerson

Mahalo Jake’s!  Nancy Fisher

Summer Traffic Tactics  Sherryl L. Parks

Try it My Way  Arlene Lighthall


May 2012 Issue

Silent Songs  Donald Mosier


EDITORIAL:  Occupy Del Mar!


Mansions on Steroids  Bud Emerson

Ask Dr. Rich!  Rich Simons

Political Scuttlebutt  Dave Druker

Census Snapshot  Dave Druker

This I Believe  Anthony Corso

Kilroy plaza

Developer Pulling Out All Stops  from the website What Price Main Street?


Unmitigated Failure  Bob Fuchs


Likable Loop  Ann Gardner


Too Clever X4  Gabriele M. Prater

Supermen Speak   Anthony Corso

Village Specific Plan

Lots to Not Like  Dave Druker


Lots to Like  Ann Gardner

Mercedes Transcenz  Sherryl L. Parks

Parking Pushback  Nancy Fisher

Farewell, Marilyn  Marlene Gerber

Beyond Books  Ben Nyce

Fair Board Smokescreen  Bud Emerson

Lagoon Hosts Legislators  Jeff Barnouw

Can Can  Sherryl L. Parks


April 2012 Issue

Garden Project Gets Life Art Olson

EDITORIAL: Time Is On Our Side

Library Wizardry Works  Ann Gardner

Del Mar’s Champion Coach  Bud Emerson

We Have a Bid!  Sherryl L. Parks

Managing to Park  Nancy Fisher

Opening Our Doors  Bud Emerson

Monstrous Manipulation  John Matthews

Super Opening  Anthony Corso

Reality Realty  John Wilcox

Speak Now or...  Ann Gardner

A FAR too Far?  Dave Druker

Rathsam to the Rescue  Sherryl L. Parks

Narrow Still Too Wide  Ann Gardner

Political Scuttlebutt  Dave Druker

Cert in Neighborhoods  Carol Kerridge

Council Retreats  Sherryl L. Parks


March 2012 Issue

A Tough Row to Plow  Bud Emerson

Fair Board Faces the Music  Dwight Worden

EDITORIAL: Our Mission: Your Voice

We Make House Calls  Nancy Fisher

Ask Dr. Rich

Fires-R-Us  Piper Underwood

Leashing Shores Park  Anthony Corso

This I Believe  Virginia Lawrence

Train Tall Tales  Dave Druker

Rescuing Rover  Carol Kerridge

New Life Downtown Kathy Garcia

See How to Stay In-Home  Pat JaCoby

Grass Roots Heroes  Bud Emerson

Radioactive Radius  Nancy Fisher

Kilroy’s Elephant  Bob Fuchs

Heebner Explains Vote  Ann Gardner

Del Mar is AAA  Scott Huth

Sidewalk Sanity  Dave Druker

City Bets on Vets  Art Olson

Gone Digging  Ann Gardner


February 2012 Issue

Circle the Wagons  Kathy Garcia


He Said | We Said

He Said  Carl Hilliard


We Said  Sandpiper Editors

Ask Dr. Rich!  Rich Simons

Shame On Who?  Anthony Corso

Little Del Mar, Big Projects

1940s Train Wreck Bill Arballo


Stabalizing the Bluffs  SANDAG


Torrey Pines Bridge Retrofit   Joe Bride


Sorrento Crossing Larry Brooks


Sewer Center  Joe Bride


Safety Center  Joe Bride

Political Potentials  Dave Druker

Wayside Horn A Go!  Nancy Fisher

Solomon Solution Sought

For the Dogs  Wade Walker & Penny Abell


For the Kids  Tom Sohn

We Lagoon: part III Preserving Our "New" Lagoon  Dawn Rawls

Remembering Seagrove Artst  Carol Mason

Sing a Song!  Nancy Fisher

Interstate Impact  Ann Gardner

Electrical Outlets  Anthony Corso

Nukes Next Door  Nancy Fisher & Bud Emerson

Costly Cops  Jim Benedict


Fairgrounds Agenda  Bud Emerson

Time Uncertained  Sherryl L. Parks

Scooting Around Town  Terry Sinnott

Main Street Madness

When “More” Becomes “Too Much”  Bob Fuchs


Creeping Entitlement  Ann Gardner

This I Believe  Ann Gardner

Fire an’ Nice  Nancy Fisher


December 2011 Issue

We Lagoon: Recreating a Lagoon  part II   Nancy Weare & Dawn Rawls

EDITORIAL: Collision Course

This I Believe  Sherryl L. Parks

PHOTOS: In-Home Connections  Nancy Fisher

Ask Dr. Rich  Rich Simons

Pocket Lining  Laura DeMarco

AWOL for Sandpiper ...  but not for Country

Vital Signs  Kathy Garcia


Tie a Bow On It!  Nancy Fisher


Standing Ovation  Nancy Fisher

The Good City  Anthony Corso

Vote Now Pay Later? Ann Gardner

$ilence Needs Gold Nancy Fisher

Save Our Sol  Ann Gardner

Fair to Good  Don Mosier

Political Scuttlebutt Dave Druker

Waste Away  Sherryl Parks’ Interview with Mark Delin

PHOTOS: A Little Night Music  Virginia Lawrence

Winston Never Gives Up!  Anthony Corso

Big Big ... Really Big! Bob Fuchs

Choice Cut  Mark Ochenduszko

Volunteer of the Year Shirley King

Hooray for Huth!  Bud Emerson

DMCC page


November 2011 Issue

Home Run VS Dog Run  Anthony Corso

EDITORIAL: Coming Clean 

This I Believe 2nd in series  Art Olson

Ask Dr. Rich  Rich Simons

Engineering Good Design  Anthony Corso

Congressional Congestion  Dave Druker

Saluting Del Mar Vets

Sparks Fly in Del Mar  Kelley Huggett

SANDPIPER EXCLUSIVE: Fair Board Faces Serious Audit and Management Reports  Bud Emerson & Sherryl L. Parks

Pushing Poison Pill  Jacqueline Winterer


We Lagoon: Recreating a Lagoon 
part 1
Nancy Weare

International Flavors
Anthony Corso

Channel Changer
Nancy Fisher

Gifts  Jeanne Carney

Residents Rating Revitalization  Ann Gardner

Finding Fido  Nancy Fisher

Justice Hits the Brakes  Ann Gardner

DMCC page


October 2011 Issue

Plastique Chihuly Charms  Mary Freistedt

Give Them a Chance!  EDITORIAL

Gridlock@Kilroy  Bob Fuchs

This I believe  Sam Borgese

Ask Dr. Rich!  Rich Simons

Losing a Lot  Sherryl L. Parks

New Bird in Town  Ed Mirsky

Bolder Brushstrokes  Anthony Corso

A Fairer Board?  Bud Emerson

More Dates for Fair?  Jim Benedict

Revitalization: Lessons Learned  Kathy Garcia, City of Del Mar, Planning and Community Development Director

Staff Tackles Specifics  Dave Druker

What is FOR for?  Al Corti, on behalf of FOR

Farmers Market Photos

Guard Your Nest Egg  Nancy Fisher

New Supervisor. But who?  Dave Druker

Get On Top Of Your Trash!   Mark Delin, Assistant City Manager


September 2011 Issue

Seeking Squeaky Clean  Mikhail Ogawa

Editorial: Del Mar Talent Bank

Citizen Voices  Terry Sinnot

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

Fabriqué en France  Virginia Lawrence

Let's Get Specific  Kathy Garcia

Southern Anchor  Dave Druker

Make Del Mar Better at Being Del Mar  Bud Emerson

The Wide Wide World of I-5  Dennis E. Ridz

Beach Watch  Jon Edelbrock

25 Years OLD!

Lines of Power  Dave Druker

Money Talk 101  Teresa McBroome

Big Plans Big Price  Bud Emerson

Not That Daughter!  Bill Michalsky

Resident Bridge Bats  Anthony Corso

Beginning Twilights  Mary Hale, for the Del Mar Spectator in 1983

Last of the Twilights   Bill Michalsky

Covering Its Bases  Ann Gardner


ROMEO  Nancy Fisher


July/August 2011 Issue

Sounds of Summer  Tom McGreal

EDITORIAL Taxpayer Checkbook

Three Down, Six to Go  Bud Emerson

ASK Dr. RICH!   Rich Simons

NICK, THE MAILMAN  Anthony Corso

Mapping Moves 2012  Dave Druker

Housing Win-Win  Nancy Fisher

Housing For All  Bud Emerson

Crystal Kickoff ... or On  Sherryl L. Parks

Puzzle Pieces  Ann Gardner

Mix It Up!  Brian Church

Will It Work?  Dave Druker

Making It Happen  Sam Borgese and Anthony Corso

Stores Staying  Sam Borgese

Bolt Down the Tube!  Virginia Lawrence

Fair Illegals  Ann Gardner

Vive La Différence!  Bill Michalsky

High Tech Talk 1983  Garry Shirts.  
This piece appeared in the first issue of the Del Mar Spectator, February 1983.

Less Trash More Cash  Dan Nore and Fred Duttweiler

GARGANTUA  Jeanne Carney. 
This poem appeared in the Del Mar Spectator, May 1983.

Pelican Patrol  Sherryl L. Parks

Clogged Arterials  Dave Druker

Uphill Downhill  Dave Druker

Del Mar’s New Hired Gun  Bud Emerson

Doggie Do-Do and Don’ts  Sherryl L. Parks


June 2011 Issue

Community Conversation Consensus  Ann Gardner

Dot All the “I’s” ... EDITORIAL

City Hall: Keep It Simple  Jacqueline Winterer

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

Hosting a Million  Sherryl L. Parks

So Long, Garry!  Art Olson

Garry Shirts Remembered  Art Olson

I Remember  Garry Shirts first published by the Sandpiper in December 2005

INVISIBLE LINES: Who's In, Who's out?

San Diego  Dennis Ridz

San Diego County  Dave Druker

Altered States   Art Olson

Good Energy Reading Fred Duttweiler

Go Stop Go  Sherryl L. Parks

Help Kids Eat Well  OPINION: Lee Yen Anderson and Yana Mohanty

Who’s King of the Hill?  Ann Gardner

Traveling to 2050  Dave Druker

Independent Living  Nancy Fisher

What Price Main Street?  Jerry Mailhot

New View Volunteer  Anthony Corso

Sales Cycles  Dave Druker

Legislators & Lawyers  Bud Emerson


May 2011 Issue

Talk the Walk  Kathleen Garcia

Chasing Concessions  EDITORIAL

Let's Be Pot Smart!  OPINION - Dave Druker

One of SOHO's Top 10  OPINION - Save Our Heritage Organization

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

EIRy Decision  Dwight Worden

Parking Perplex  Bill Michalsky

CERTain Plans  Piper Underwood

Gardeners Flock to Art  Arline Paa

Council Prioritizes ...  Don Mosier

... And Reaches Out  Lee Haydu

Why Waste Water?  Hershell Price

Weeds Be Gone!  Robert Scott

Drive or Driven?  Dave Druker

Cosmetic Concessions  Sherryl L. Parks

Farm Fresh  Sam Borgese

Sam’s View  Anthony Corso

Flower Hill Finale  Ann Gardner

Community Videos  Virginia Lawrence

Reach the Beach  Stu Smith

Fairbucks  Bud Emerson

Countdown  Dave Druker


April 2011 Issue

Assemblyman Garrick's Fairground Survey Discredited by Expert   Bud Emerson

Dr. Hofstetter’s analysis Discredits Garrick Survey  C. Richard Hofstetter

Del Mar Way Starts Up - EDITORIAL

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

Stock up at Harvest Ranch Sam Borgese

Fisher’s Flyers  Gordon Clanton

100-Year Procession Anthony Corso

Olde Del Mar Revisited – Part II  Larry Brooks

Scoop On Sand  Jon Edelbrock

New Views - Part I  Anthony Corso


The Day of the Lagoon - April 17  Jan McMillan

Water Ways  Henry Abarbanel

Dressing Up Del Mar  Del Mar Garden Club and Del Mar Television Foundation

Replacements, Step Up!  Bud Emerson

Fairgrounds Workshop Work  Bud Emerson and Sam Borgese

700 Violations?  Dave Druker

Golf Off Course  Dawn Rawls and Jacqueline Winterer

Del Mar’s Dirty Secret  Bruce Bekkar and Dan Nore

Leadership Lab For Local Lad  Sam Borgese and Bud Emerson

Flower Hill Logjam Loosened  Ann Gardner

Practicing What You Preach  Sherryl Parks

Wiki-leaks Flood Del Mar  Art Olson


March 2011 Issue

City Works Leader Leaves  Henry Abarbanel

Editorial NO or NOT YET?

BigBellys Lead the Way  Dan Nore


Towerful Friends  Jon Edelbrock

Water Ways  Henry Abarbanel

Deep Six on 101  Terry Sinnott

Contract Smell  Ann Gardner

Trust the Fairgrounds  Sam Borgese

Does “No mean No”?  Jeff Weitzen

KindleNook  Virginia Lawrence

Citizen Revitalization  Ann Gardner

Olde Del Mar Revisited  Larry Brooks

We’re Number 1  Dave Druker

Del Mar Financial Prowess  Bud Emerson

Voter Voices  Dave Druker

Team Power  Don Mosier

EIR Showdown  Ann Gardner

Crow Food  Piper Underwood

Marine Life Lives  Ann Gardner


February 2011 Issue

Fair Market Value Sam Borgese and Bud Emerson

Fair Talk Needed Now

ASK Dr. RICH! Rich Simons

Facelift for Fifteenth Sherryl L. Parks

2010: Poll Positions Dave Druker

DRB Gets it Right Bud Emerson

Getting to Zero Dan Nore

Waste Competition Wins Jon Emerson

Kilroy Goes For Broke X4 Bud Emerson

Whole Lotta Shingles comin’ Off Piper Underwood

Valuing Citizen Brain Power Art Olson

Arigato Grazie Merci Danke Xièxiè Gracias Spasibo Obrigado

Wildlife Goes Lagoon! Ed Mirsky


December 2010 Issue

Stop Stopped  Dan Nore

The Shores is Ours – Now What?  EDITORIAL

Flower Power  Judi Miller

Run, Rookies, Run Kaylee Emerson

Five-Wide  Dwight Worden

Growing Scholars  Lisa Renner

Talk Before You Walk  Adam Birnbaum

Regional Representation  Dave Druker

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

Voters Speak  Dave Druker

Faironomics  Wayne Dernetz

Fair Gov  Dwight Worden

Race to Nowhere  Piper Underwood

Tired Teens Talk  Zoey Zobell

Clean Sweep  Sherryl L. Parks

Walk the Line  Jacqueline Winterer

Mike Cowett Dave Druker

Final Say Dished Up  Richard Earnest

DMCC Doctor’s New Digs  Penny Abell

Bird “Mafia”   Ed Mirsky


November 2010 Issue

Platform Derailed?  Dan Nore and Nancy Fisher

Opportunity Knocks EDITORIAL

News Leader Remembered John Kerridge

Chuck Chores Garry Shirts

Fearsome Fees Dick Murray

WIde-5 Dwight Worden

Planning LEEDer Hired Bud Emerson

Balboa Bucks  Dave Druker

Green Flash At Last!  Jeanne Carney

Signs of Genius: recognized by MacArthur  Anthony Corso

Lee Haydu Listening  Lee Haydu

Terry Sinnott Listening  Terry Sinnott

Voter Power Bud Emerson

Plant Whisperer Dolores Davies

School Power Sherryl L. Parks

Film Fest Joe Sullivan

Del Mar Brush Way Art Olson

Fair Facts  Wayne Dernetz


October 2010 Issue

Meet the Candidate: Crystal Crawford for State Assembly  Sherryl L. Parks


Meet the Candidates: A New Beginning for City Council  Sherryl L. Parks

Meet the Candidates: Five for School Board  Sherryl L. Parks

Follow the Money  Teresa McBroome

Game Over: Tucker is Out! eBlast sent by the Sandpiper on September 13

Big Oil Spills Money  Anthony Corso

Coast Watch: Sand Up, Temp Down, Summer Over  Jon Edelbrock

Stop State Stealing Henry Abarbanel

I-5 Expands, CALTRANS Expounds: A Hornet’s Nest  Dwight Worden

Let's Reformat FBC  Richard Earnest

Flower Sifting  Ann Gardner

UTC Wannabe Unwanted (continued from July issue) Ann Gardner

Abatement Sparks Flames  Art Olson


September 2010 Issue

Changing of the Guard  Bud Emerson

EDITORIAL: Use the Del Mar Way

Who Can Make It Work?  Mary Farrell

Smash Smells  Brooke Eisenberg-Pike

Let’s Get Serious  Mark Whitehead

I-5 Concerns Widening Ann Gardner

Why Go Downtown?  John Kerridge

What’s in a Name?  Don Instone and Dan Nore

Tide In Tide Out  Jacqueline Winterer and Freda Reid

Stop! Sign!  Bud Emerson

All Fired Up!  Carol Kerridge

Government by Hotel  Bud Emerson

Parsing Pension Parts  Dave Druker

Crest Canyon Rescue  photos by T. Pat Stubbs

Financial Stars Aligned - Fair Value  Sam Borgese

Fairgrounds in the Zone Dwight Worden

Coast Watch: Sand Chronicles  Jon Edelbrock

Adults Mismanaging Money  Shelley Atkinson

Bummer Summer Zoey ZoBell

DM Gets BigBellys - But Hopes to Reduce!  Dan Nore

Prime Prop on Block  Art Olson, Avenida Primavera

Herb Turner: A Del Mar Original  Sam Borgese

Come Blow Your Horn!  Hershell Price

New In-Home Senior Services  Terry Sinnott

Holy Meters  Sherryl L. Parks

REEEvitalization!  Are We Vital Yet?  Rich Simons



July 2010 Issue

Haydu Harmony by Bud Emerson

Del Mar Way Better EDITORIAL

FBC Formats Council Meeting by Bud Emerson

If We Form It Will They Come? by Ann Gardner

Locals Know Views by Ann Gardner

Benicia Charrette No Charade by Anthony Corso

Yesterday’s News by Peter Kaye

Voters Rule by Dave Druker

$pectacular Balboa Lots by Bud Emerson

Coast Watch by Jon Edelbrock

Fireworks at the Fairgrounds? by Sherryl L. Parks

Fairgrounds Truth by Jacqueline Winterer

TEDxing by Sherryl L. Parks

Paddle Out by Gus Kriege

Sounds of Summer by Jill Weitzen MacDonald

Words of Summer by Sherryl L. Parks

Del Mar Greening  Anthony Corso

Flatfoot’s Day at the Races by Virginia Lawrence

Delushious! by Shanti Mayberry

Kilroy Wants Here by Jerry Mailhot


June 2010 Issue

Think Trader Joe's by Sam Borgese

Yes on Prop J: 8 cities can’t be wrong!  EDITORIAL

DRB Critical For Del Mar   by Lee Haydu

Walkscore.com by Piper Underwood

Retirement in Sight?  by Dave Druker

Stalking the Spotted Sandpiper by Ed Mirsky with pictures by Paul Haydu

Hold That Hamburger  by Anthony Corso

Kit’s Picks by Sherryl L. Parks

Your Opinions Counted  by Ann Gardner

Big Changes for DM? June 14 by Howard Gad

Thumbs Up on Carmel Valley Road by Ann Gardner

Facelift for City Hall  by Arline Paa

Devil in the Details  by Shelley Atkinson

Walkpooling to School  by Piper Underwood

Fair Warning - Watch Out for June 15 by Sherryl Parks

Decked Out for the 4th by Kim Filanc

Students Pursue Peace by Dave Druker

“Kimo” Lischer, One of DM’s Finest by Jon Edelbrock

Riding Out The Storm  by Art Olson

May 2010 Issue

A Undergrounding Buried pics by Art Olson

Sale on Solar  Dan Nore and Greg Hibbard

EDITORIAL Don’t Be Left Out! Act Now!

Greenway Clears Hurdle  John Graybill

Walking the Good Walk  Julian Littleford

Proposition J, TOT, & VRBO  Don Mosier

Don’t Make Our Homes Hotels  Hershell Price

Bridging the Pass  Dave Druker

Del Mar Dollars Down  Bud Emerson

Ready for the Big One?  Carol Kerridge

It's All About Shopping  Ann Gardner

It’s All About the Environment  Ann Gardner

You Say Goodbye. I Say Hello.  Piper Underwood

Daunting Obstacle Course: Let’s talk  Dwight Worden

A Path - The Arts!!  Anthony Corso

Del Mar: In Search of Utopia  Pam Slater-Price

Appealing Design  Art Olson

Slater Slams Split  MEMORANDUM 

Nays on Eyes  Bud Emerson

Racing To Finish Line  Carl Hilliard

How Observant are You? 

Coastal Commission Says Whoa!  Jan McMillan



April 2010 Issue

Sandpiper to Become DM Big Bird  Art Olson

Form Follows Function Editorial

Del Mar Energy Deposit  Dan Nore

Del Mar Ranks  Ann Gardner

To Bury or Not to Bury  Art Olson

Give Peace a Chance Penny Abell, Gloria Sandvik

It’s Not Just About Food  Piper Underwood

Dr. Dogooders  Sherryl L. Parks

A Different Downtown  Sam Borgese

Local 3/50  Larry Brooks

Retailing for Real  Piper Underwood

Who Are We Anyway?  Bud Emerson

CEQA Sequence  Dwight Worden

School Bucks  Piper Underwood

FBC Redesigns Review  Anthony Corso

WEB EXCLUSIVE: FBC Answers Community Questions  Howard Gad

CERT in Practice  Carol Kerridge

Council Pumps Us Up Dave Druker

Be Current Careful Jon Edelbrock

Surf’s Up for Wounded Warriors  Jon Edelbrock

Consort Concert  Anthony Corso

22nd Agonomics  Al Tarkington



March 2010 Issue

A Mini-Perfect Storm Bill Michalsky

What Now?  Editorial

Fit to Print  Sherryl L.Parks

Drops for Dry Days  Dolores Davies Jamison

Knock It Off! Jim Benedict

Undergrounding: Different Views  Art Olson

Undergrounding: Helps Garry Shirts

Undergrounding: Hurts  Brook Eisenberg-Pike

The Bucks Stop Here  Teresa McBroome

Public Talks Back  John Graybill

Lewis Alternative  UPDATE 03/08/10   

Powerpoint Presentation  Bud Emerson

Conservancy Alternative Ann Gardner

Back to the Hills  Piper Underwood

FBC Summit Howard Gad

Thor Bud Emerson

Human Smuggling  Jon Edelbrock

Sharp Designs  Virginia Lawrence

The Millionaire Next Door?  Greg Allen


February 2010 Issue

Trust your Eyes, Not your Ears by Dwight Worden

EDITORIAL Informed-Based Code

Pipe Up

Assessments Under Stress by Art Olson Update: Feb 2

Love Letters in the Sand by Sherryl L. Parks

A Boatload of People by Virginia Lawrence

Big Cut in River Park Funding by Richard Earnest

Pedestrians Rule by Anthony Corso

Equal Pay for Visitors by Bud Emerson

Form-Based Questions by Anthony Corso

Short-Sighted Closure(s) by Joel Holliday

Micro-Management by Martha Cox

“Just right” for Goldilocks by Piper Underwood

Pay Per Parcel by Shelly Atkinson

The Buck Stops Here by Piper Underwood

Birds Come for Christmas by Ed Mirsky

Caltrans PLAGUE by Ann Gardner

Please STOP Me! by Sandi Weaver

Mother Nature Sends Rain at Last! Photos of the STORM 

Artists in our Backyard by Virginia Lawrence

Branding Del Mar by Bud Emerson

Rescuing Lifeguards by Piper Underwood

There You Go Again! by Mark Whitehead


December 2009 / January 2010 Issue

Massive Master Plan by John Graybill

EDITORIAL Build on our Wetlands? Get Serious

Budget Cuts Inevitable by Susan Miller

Beautification Becomes Us by Sherryl L. Parks

Forming Del Mar  by Howard Gad

Del Mar Switches on Green Power by Ann Gardner

Reviewing the DRB III  Anthony Corso

The Last Big Dig by Ann Gardner

A River Runs Through It by Dawn S. Rawls

Wal-martization of Wetlands by  Judd Halenza

Cars, Cars, Cars and .... Eight (!!!!!!!!) New Traffic Signals by Bud Emerson

EIR Basics by Wayne Dernetz

Who Are These People Anyway? by Ann Gardner

Follow The Money by Bud Emerson

A Big Thank You!
The Sandpiper would like to thank its many generous donors.

Commentary on Design Review by Anthony Corso

Tree Talk Among Neighbors by Linda Rock



November 2009 Issue

One Lane South by Bud Emerson

We Get What We Train For (Guest Editorial) by Dwight Worden

Bullet Train on Slow Track by Dave Druker

Winning Water Waste War by David Scherer and Joe DeStefano

Student Recycling Sleuth by Keaton Lispon

Utility Undergrounding Surprise by Art Olson.

Pipe Up: Lawsuit Frivolity by Justin Kulongoski

Pipe Up: Pickens Suit in the Union-Tribune by John Kerridge

Pipe Up: City Sued Over View Restoration by Larry Brooks

Pipe Up: The Little Hershell that Could by Jim and Bernadette Watkins

Del Mar $ Ups and Downs by Bud Emerson

Friends Indeed! by Peter Kaye

Your Next Great Love by Barbara Mandel Pache

Farmer Scholarships by Nicole Holliday

Del Mar Hills SOS by Beth Westburg

Fairgrounds: Pave Paradise by Pam Slater-Price

Fairgrounds: Mission Forgotten by Dawn Rawls

Horseracing Must Jockey by Carl Hilliard

Privatizing City Council? by Bud Emerson

A History of First Thursdays by Lynn Gaylord

Reviewing the DRB, Part II by Anthony Corso

Form-Based Code by Howard Gad

Crest Canyon Clutter by Ann Gardner

Reduced Torrey Pines Bridge Costs by Crystal Crawford

Council Bits by Dave Druker

Waste Not a press release from the Regional Solid Waste Association

A PLAGUE on Expansion by Ann Gardner. 

Fire Coöp by Richard Earnest


October 2009 Issue

Bar Room Survey? by Ann Gardner

Speak Up, Del Mar  EDITORIAL

Sunshine Savings by Nancy Ross

Endless Summer by Jon Edelbrock

Butt Out! by Dave Druker

Whose Beach Is It? by Don Mosier

Information Please! by Art Olson

Big Apple Perspective by Darrese and Sam Borgese

How I Got Into Trouble in Mexico by Rich ("Ricardo") Simons

Trouble Where Surf Meets Turf by Carl Hilliard

Reviewing the DRB by Anthony Corso

Scholastic Attachments by Piper Underwood

Surfin' Canines Raise 50 Grand with photos courtesy of Michael Schrager

Fairground Threatens Lagoon by Mark Whitehead


September 2009 Issue

Cake, and Eat It Too!  by Brian Huster and Bettina Experton

Quality Control Needed  EDITORIAL

Sunshine on Undergrounding by Don Smith

Helen Glaser  by Suzi Resnik

There's Still Time by Ann Gardner

Looking for Better Stewards by Ann Gardner

End Zone Strategies  by Dwight Worden

St. Pete's Nifty Thrifty by Sherryl L. Parks

Listening for Quiet by Jim Crouch

Water-Wise Ways by Brooke Eisenberg-Pike

Little Turtles Take to the Sea by Piper Underwood

The Stuff Generation by Shelly Atkinson

Back to School - But Which One? by Piper Underwood

Chicanery on Crest by Harold Feder

The New Downtown Revitalizers by Anthony Corso

Form Your Opinions by Dwight Worden

The Shape of Things to Come? by Anthony Corso

GO Capital by Jan McMillan

Watch Your Wallet, Del Mar by Karen Brust

Open Letter to Our Readers from the Editors


July/August 2009 Issue

For Del Mar's 50th Birthday the Sandpiper July/August issue has a whole panoply of retrospective articles:

Cafe Walls Divide Community  by Mark Whitehead

Hootenanny on Sand Barr Lane  by Gus Kriege

Photo Gallery: The Way We Were - the Sandpiper Editorial Board in 1959

Unintended Consequences  EDITORIAL

We've Got Mail 

Photo Gallery: The Way We Were - Olde Del Mar

Fifty Years of Self Government  by Virginia Lawrence, Larry Brooks, Ann Gardner and others.

Del Mar Civic Association by Frieda Reid

Is Del Mar Different? You Betcha! by Bud Emerson

Let's Celebrate 50 Years! by Lynn Gaylord

100 Candles by Ann Gardner

Zel Camiel by Sam Borgese

Chiquita Abbott: Living History by Anthony Corso

Preserving Del Mar's Heritage by Art Olson

The Crossing by Rich Simons

Stake Out at the Plaza by Ann Silber

A Del Mar Day by Piper Underwood

Changing Spaces by Ann Gardner

Three-Day Reserves by David Scherer and Bertha Leone

Payback Time by Barbara Mandel Pache

Form-Based Code Planning by Anthony Corso

A Gem of a Gym by Bertha Leone

A Testing Time at My Exam by Garry Shirts

Utility Undergrounding Update by Art Olson


June 2009 Issue

Fish For Thought by Piper Underwood

Budget Ballot Busted  by Wayne Dernetz

Village Volunteers EDITORIAL

Dr. Linda's Water Diet Revolution  by Linda Chisari

H20 NO MO  by Arline Paa

Hallelujah!  by Sherryl L. Parks

Fear-Based Planning  by Sam Borgese, OPINION

Del Mar to Sell Name  by Al Tarkington,  A LETTER TO THE EDITOR

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow  by Chuck Newton

LEED Follows Need  by Jon Edelbrock

Visitors' Fair Share  by Bettina Experton

Political Scuttlebutt  by Bud Emerson

Winston School Jewel  by Mike Peterson

20-20 Vision at the Shores  by Barbara Mandel Pache

The Bucks Stop Here! by Bud Emerson


May 2009 Issue

Community Says Ye$$ to Our Kids by Piper Underwood

Arts Alive Again in Plaza  by Robert McMillan and Diane Uke

Have Your $ay - Editorial

The Coach Across the Street by Judd Halenza

Lose Your Wheels  by Henry Abarbanel

Little Leaguers Walked in the 60s by Drew Keeling

Birth of a City  by Peter Kaye

Room for Improvement  by Peter Kaye

Stop!  Think Before You Build! by Ann Gardner

Bulldozers Gone and Bridge Open by Jacqueline Winterer

A Question of Roots  by Linda Chisari

A Whale of a Job by John Edelbrook

Avoid a Dust-Up: Use a Rake! by Betty Wheeler

Housing Squeeze by Bud Emerson


April 2009 Issue

Environmentally Fair? by Mark Whitehead

Del Mar Goes French: The "Charrette" is Coming  by Tony Corso

Editorial: Let's Go Green!

The Greening of Downtown by Jennifer Grove

Ask a Question ... Get a Bag  by Bertha Leone

Flocking Noises by Ann Gardner

Reining in Your Thirsty Landscape  by Brooke Eisenberg-Pike

Form Forums  by Richard Earnest and Tony Corso

Cathy's Perspective: Lessons Learned and Questions Unanswered by Catherine Danola

Pocket Park with a Sea View by Betty Wheeler

Farm-Based Code Plows Ahead  by Art Olson

From Blueprints to Banners: Del Mar Blue by Virginia Lawrence

State Shoots Hole in Senior Safety Net by Shirley King

Yes, We Care: The DMCC Care Management Program by Darcy Mulholland

Balancing Del Mar's Checkbook by Crystal Crawford and Bertha Leone


March 2009 Issue

Water Everywhere: But Not a Drop to Drink  by Herschel Price

Where the Salt Meets the Sweet  by Dawn Rawls

Editorial: Real Change by Real Visionaries!

Lose Your Lawn by Mary Friestedt

Promises Made - Promises Delayed: Our Community Plan  by Bud Emerson

Thinking and Acting Anew  by Bettina Experton

Web Exclusive: The full Revitalization Proposal, presented on January 12, 2009 to the City Council by the Finance Committee

Personal Reflections on Revitalization  by Tony Corso

The 2.5 Million Dollar Myth  by Dave Druker

Dining Al Fresco by Crystal Crawford

Newton Lands on Mooney by Chuck Newton

What Exactly is the DMVA?  by Jennifer Grove

Wondering What is Happening?

Are We More Ready? by Carol Kerridge

New Book on the Block by Penny Abell

Horizontal Zoning Ordinance by John Kerridge


February 2009 Issue

Del Mar Celebrates Its 50th  by Tony Corso

Democracy at Work  by Mark Whitehead


A Letter to the Editor from Brooke Eisenberg-Pike

Build, Sit, Read  by Piper Underwood

Taxes Tell the Story  by Bud Emerson

A Del Mar Identity Crisis?  by Sam Borgese

You Can Always Go Downtown  by Tony Corso

How Green is Your Car?by George Webb

Utility Undergrounding, Issues Arising by Art Olson

A View for All  by Mark Whitehead

Shorians Speak Up   by Piper Underwood

Little Bushido by Ed Mirsky

Paving Over Paradise by Ann Gardner

Whither House Prices by Bertha Leone

A Bridge to Somewhere   by Ann Gardner and Jacqueline Winterer


December 2008 Issue

Voters Say "Si, Si"  by Mark Whitehead

Adiós, Mis Hermanos!  by Crystal Crawford

The Doctor is In: A Prescription for Fiscal Discipline  Guest Editorial by Dr. Bettina Experton

Seven (or more) Habits for Successful Counciling by Dave Druker

(O')Henry's Not-So-Short Story  by Henry Abarbanel

Del Mar's Elitism: It ain't necessarily so!  by Jon Edelbrock

Cathy's Perspective: Just One more  by Catherine Danola

How Big is Too Big? The Fairgrounds Master Plan  by Jacqueline Winterer

It's Time to Plant California Natives  by Mary Friestadt

Olde Del Mar courtesy of the Del Mar Historical Society

Property Rights and Property Wrongs  by John Kerridge

Rich is BAAACK (and confused as ever!   by Rich Simons

Mud, Sweat, and Cheers: The Garden Club's New Crest Road Park

Green Piece: Power Strategies   by Dick Herzberg

You're Not Like Me ... Or Are You?   by Piper Underwood

A Rose by Any Other Name = $$$

Evolution of the Sandpiper   by Bud Emerson

The $41/36 Campaign for the Del Mar Shores Park


November 2008 Issue

The composite photo was created for the first eBlast sent out to our readers.

Measure H: To TOT or NOT to TOT  by Henry Abarbanel | Web exclusive:  The article below is more detailed than the article which appeared in the print edition.

Measure G: A Garden of Office-Retail  by Dwight Worden | Web exclusive:  The article below is more detailed than the article which appeared in the print edition.

Fair Share  Editorial

Adopt a Spot  by David Scherer

Del Mar 101: A 12-Month Intensive for City Managers  Karen Brust is interviewed by Bud Emerson

Your Trees, My Views, Our Process  by Mark Whitehead

Swallow Tales  by Ed Mirsky

You win - But We Still Want to Know  the candidates are interviewed by Wayne Dernetz | Web exclusive:  The article below is more detailed than the article which appeared in the print edition.

A Million Little Pieces by Piper Underwood

Ballot 08: Is there Life Beyond Del Mar? Opinion by Gordon Clanton

A Day at the Races  courtesy of the Del Mar Historical Society


October 2008 Issue

Del Mar OKs Clean Water  by Bud Emerson

Fight the Bite!  by Shirley King

It’s All About Process  Editorial

DM Home Prices Still Above Average  by Bertha Leone

Brisk Business at the Beach  by Jon Edelbrock

Council Drops TMD Stance  by Wayne Dernetz

Clean Energy Made Easier  by George Webb

Labor of Love on Stratford Court  by Sharon Hilliard

Support “H” for Community Services
A Letter to the Editor

City Council Candidates Respond to Our Questions  by Wayne Dernetz

Economic Downturn Hits City Revenue  Opinion, by Bettina Experton. 

Are We Ready, Del Mar?  by Patrick O’Neil

Shores Site Update: New Non-Profit to Aid Purchase  by Pat JaCoby

This Old Bridge  by Jacqueline Winterer


September 2008 Issue

Council TOT Action Stirs Controversy  by Sam Borgese and Wayne Dernetz

City Council Election A Done Deal?  by Wayne Dernetz

Race Offers Unique Opportunity  Editorial

A City Commitment to Recycling  by Sam Borgese

Spend Some Time Out of Doors: Go take a Hike  This article is web exclusive.

What You Need to Know About TMDs   by Wayne Dernetz

Rejoicing Over a Water Bill   by Mary Friestedt

Stop the Mission Valley-ization!  by Robert Vicino

CERT - Can Everyone Really Try?  by Carol Kerridge

Cathy's Perspective: Rescuing Man’s Best Friend  by Catherine Danola

Meet Ken Noah, SDUHSD Superintendent  by Susan Miller

DMUSD Administration Update  by Susan Miller

Power to the Tower  by Jon Edelbrock

Rachel -- the Gold-Medallist Next Door  by Becky Dembitsky

Affordable Housing in Del Mar? Yes!  by Bud Emerson

Undergrounding the North Hills  by Garry Shirts


August 2008 Issue

New Curves in the Garden Path  by Carol Kerridge and Shirley King

YES = Clean Water + Balanced Budget  Editorial

Election Watch: Three Seats  by Bud Emerson

$$ for Shores Remain a Priority  by Wayne Dernetz

Out of the Garden, Into the Heat  by Art Olson

Del Mar City Budget, 2008-2009 

Samantha Experiences Raw Africa  by Susan Miller

How Green Is Del Mar?  by Sam Borgese

Calming the Traffic on Crest  by Harold Feder

Wetlands: Car Park or Sanctuary?  by Liz Dernetz

Remaining in the Groove  by Bill Michalsky

Critical Decisions at City Hall  by Bud Emerson

Cathy's Perspective  by Catherine Danola

Planning Pays Off for TP Bridge  by Mark Whitehead


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July 2008 Issue

The Necessary Cost of Clean Water  by Dave Druker

Limits to Growth   a guest editorial by John Kerridge

Conflict Sprouts in the Garden   by Sam Borgese

Let's Eat Our Yards   by Mary Friestedt

Keep Our Beaches Dry   by Jon Edelbrock

Historic Pink Lady Gets Makeover   by Art Olson

Al JaCoby, 1927-2008   by Carol Mason

Barbara Schneiderman, 1935-2008   by the Schneiderman family

Speaking Confidence for a Lifetime   by Bertha Leone

Cathy's Perspective: Differing Ideas about Summer  by Catherine Danola

Where the City Meets the Wildland   by Dismas Abelman

Thank you from the Winston School  

We Know What You're Doing   by Susan Miller

Revitalization: A Proposal Too FAR?  by Mark Whitehead and Wayne Dernetz

Corrections to our June Issue


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June 2008 Issue

Clean Water Isn't Free  by Henry Abarbanel

Change is Seldom Comfortable  a guest editorial by Richard Earnest

Del Mar Election Watch   by Bud Emerson

Wanted: Del Mar Treeminators  by Bettina Experton

Making Peace with the Beach  by Jon Edelbrock

A Vision Challenge for Del Mar  by Sam Borgese

A Rising Ocean Affects Us All  by Betty Wheeler

Conversation Informs Our Community  by Ulla Sweedler

It's Time to Look at Our High-Priced Sheriff's Contract  a reader's letter from Jim Benedict

Clarification on Use of Shores Property  a reader's letter from Joe Sullivan, Chair, Campaign for Del Mar Shores

Revitalization Score: Residents 1, Downtown Landlords 6  a reader's letter from Chuck Newton

Achievements at Canyon Crest  by Susan Miller

Shores Site Secured for Community 

Is It a Rock? No, It's a Bird  by Ed Mirsky

Get in the Twilight Groove  by Bill Michalsky

L'Auberge Now a Boutique Hotel  by John Graybill

Rose Day at the Fair by Kathy Reed

Last Meeting of the Gas Station Steering Committee: It's a Gas Comix  by Art Olson


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May 2008 issue

Fairgrounds Plan 2008 or 1908?   by Dawn Rawls

A Guest Editorial  by Sam Borgese

Crest Chicanes Commended  by Joel Holliday

Listen to the Red-Tailed Hawk  by Carol Mason

Fiscal Discipline, Vision Needed  by Bettina Experton | Web exclusive:  The article below is more detailed than the article which appeared in the print edition.

Now is the Time.  Are you in?  by Barbara Mandel Pache

Cathy's Perspective: Paradise Del Mar  by Catherine Danola

Reducing Your Home's Vulnerability  by Dismas Abelman

Gas Station, Mission Accomplished  by Art Olson

Our Original Locavores  by Maryruth Cox

First Thursdays in the Powerhouse  by Lynn Gaylord and Liz Dernetz

All aboard!  The train's a comin'!  by Larry Brooks

An Ocean of Dreams  by Jon Edelbrock

Earthquake Likelihood Heightened  by Carol Kerridge

Glorious Grays in the Garden  by Mary Friestedt

Scavenger Hunt for Mother Nature  by Gale Bakker

Sandpiper Fundraiser: Photo Gallery | Web exclusive: These photos did not appear in the print edition.


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April 2008 issue

A Vision for Village Revitalization by Mark Whitehead

Investing in Our Future - Editorial

A “Shore” Thing – With Your Help  by Barbara Mandel Pache

City Opts for Virtual Revitalization  by Art Olson

Cathy's Perspective by Catherine Danola

Will the “Gold Coast” Lose its Sheen? by John Graybill

Jerry Finnell Remembered  by Penny Abell

Conversations with Ourselves  by Henry Abarbanel

Tackling the "Fire Triangle"  by Dismas Abelman

Ann - Our "Mother of Exiles"  by Sherryl Parks

Bled by the State  by Kenya Warren

Confidence Breeds Success  interview with Janet Bernard, DMUSD Interim Superintendent by Susan Miller

April Community Calendar

A New Perspective on the Lagoon   by Liz Dernetz

Sips & Tidbits   by Liz and Wayne Dernetz

Neighborhood Character Threatened   by Brooke Eisenberg-Pike

June Strasberg: A Jewel in Paradise   by Shirley King


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March 2008 Issue

march 2008 pdf version

Jerry Finnell, A Community Leader by Penny Abell

Del Mar's Human Resources - Editorial

Obama, McCain Win Del Mar by Bud Emerson

Exceptional Public Benefits Debated by Art Olson

Update on Shores Campaign by Barbara Mandel Pache

Crest Canyon Makes Many New Friends by Leslie Wollenweber

Roof It and They Will Come by Dawn Rawls

DMVA Unveils New Study, New Signs by Wayne Dernetz

A Brief History of the Lagoon by Jacqueline Winterer

Winter at the Beach by Jon Edelbrock

Landmark Event at the Lagoon by Jacqueline Winterer

Ceanothus: A Love Letter to a Native by Mary Friestedt

Anna Magdalena Charms the Crowd by Lynn Gaylord

City Finance Department Reorganizes by Bud Emerson

March Community Calendar

Michael Vickers 1922-2008 by Claire & Tom McGreal

Cathy's Perspective by Catherine Danola

Embracing the Global Village by Susan Miller

Famed Surf-Break Wipes Out Toll Road by Betty Wheeler


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