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An Open Invitation

The Sandpiper reserved this space for each of the three candidates who won election (or re-election) to Council last month (Dave Druker, Tracy Martinez, and Dan Quirk) to share their top three priorities for the coming year. The response from Councilmember Druker, on behalf of all three, is published below. The articles referred to in his email can be viewed online at bit.ly/BiggerWatermark and bit.ly/NCTD-Reps.

• Nov. 6, 2020 from Don Mosier

Dear Tracy, Dan and Dave,

Congratulations on your campaign victories. May I request that each of you submit a 300-word article outlining your top 3 priorities for the coming year and how you hope to accomplish them. Text is due by November 25th.

Thanks for your service to Del Mar.

• Nov. 7, 2020 from Dave Druker

Dear Don,

Thank you for your offer. I have conferred with Tracy and Dan. We all agree that unless the Sandpiper retracts the misleading articles (NCTD and Watermark) about Terry and me, each of us will not write an article for the Sandpiper.

• Nov. 8, 2020 from Don Mosier

Dave, Dan and Tracy,

The election is over and you have won. It is time to put differences of opinion (and fact) behind us and move on.

The Sandpiper stands by its reporting. Dave, you had a chance to comment on the NCTD article and chose not to respond. If you want to submit a letter to the editor stating your view, we will publish it without edits.

I expected a response from each of you as independent elected officials. Neither Tracy nor Dan were mentioned in the articles concerning Dave, so it is a surprise to me that you have agreed to a coordinated response. The Sandpiper request was an opportunity for you to further introduce yourselves to the community and showcase your agenda once you are sworn in. It appears that you have missed that opportunity.

The Sandpiper welcomes contributions from 0ur elected officials, and we hope that each of our councilmembers will share their plans and opinions with our readers.


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