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Gun Show Gone
The Crossroads of the West Gun Show scheduled for mid-December has been cancelled due to the current restrictions to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The state bill to prevent additional gun shows at the Del Mar fairgrounds takes effect January 1st, so there may be no more gun shows if this bill survives legal challenges.

Watermark Going Up
On November 24, Kitchell filed its development application for Watermark with the City. The application appears to be consistent with what they described in their earlier red dot: 48 units, including 10 affordable units, 3 stories in some sections, protection of wetlands and bluff/slope. The application is filed pursuant to SB 330, which allows “by right” development under certain circumstances. Filing of the application triggers certain rights and time “clocks,” and determination by staff that the application is complete would trigger additional rights and time constraints. For our earlier reporting on this issue, see the cover story of our Oct. 2020 issue.



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