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Eco Holidays!
Valérie Dufort | Klish Way

As we get ready for a once-in-a-century holiday season, many wonder how celebrations will be impacted without the potluck parties, the travels to visit extended family, and the gatherings that last late into the night. For many, the pandemic has affected habits that were once environmentally conscious choices. As the winds of hope breeze upon the world with the approach of 2021, why not go back to our earth saving habits, starting with offering ecofriendly presents?
You will find below a few suggestions that go beyond the reusable straws and shopping bags. You can find them at local stores, such as Jimbo’s, Whole Foods, Earthwell Refills, People’s Organic Food Market Coop, or online. Etsy.com and Amazon are good websites to look for:

• Gift wrap: Replace the disposable gift wrap with a piece of fabric, knotted or folded to give a distinguished look to your presents. Re-using paper grocery bags also makes for a great canvas to draw upon or paint holiday patterns and wrap presents.

• Makeup remover pads: Made out of bamboo or soft cotton, they are gentler than most of their disposable cousins.

• Hair care bars: Shampoo and conditioner don’t have to come in a bottle. Their close relatives in bar form clean and condition just like the bottled products!

• Unpaper towels: I am proud to say that my family has eliminated paper towels from our household! How? By purchasing thick, heavy duty fabric wipes. We stack them up and simply reach for one, as we would reach for a disposable paper towel, and toss it in the laundry basket afterwards. Only when using unpaper towels, we save a tree!

• Bathroom upgrade: During the pandemic, many of us are improving the comfort of our home. We could each save a tree every few years if we adopted the French invention: the bidet (also called washlet or bidet seat).

• Composting, lazy style: What if I told you that you could compost quickly without fear of flies, smell, or having to mix and aerate your pile? An electric composter is a faster solution to traditional composting. Depending on the model you select, it takes a few hours or up to a week to dehydrate food scraps and grind them down into a rich fertilizer ready to be tossed into the garden. A few brands to look into are Vitamix Food Cycler, Compostology, Zera, and Biocompet.

Eco Holidays!


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