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Sandpiper Endorsements: Blair, Gans, Warren

Phil Blair   Bob Gans   Glenn Warren

This year, our conclusion is that three candidates clearly stand out: Bob Gans, Phil Blair and Glenn Warren. Athough they bring quite different but complementary experiences and skill sets to the job, they are similar in respect to their positions on key strategic issues that clearly differentiate them from the other three candidates. And even more importantly they bring an upbeat, positive approach to addressing our issues in a way that could help us achieve unity of purpose that has been missing in recent times.

On key issues, we can expect these three to stand strong on our efforts to block the short term rental industry from overpowering our residential zones—they all support defending the very generous 7/28 compromise. We can expect them to protect local control over land use decisions by working with state housing requirements that are being imposed on all California cities. They have the skills and experience to be disciplined and careful in managing us through extremely difficult financial crises.

It is impressive to review how complementary their backgrounds are to form a dynamic leadership team. Bob Gans has earned a reputation as a unifying community leader, very importantly including his service on the Finance Committee guiding us to a very strong financial position. Phil Blair’s reputation as a top business leader in San Diego will strengthen our leverage in regional decision making on critical issues, not to mention his skillfull management of a big business surviving the great recession of 2008 without the loss of a single employee. Glenn Warren’s experience as a US diplomat can guide us through some tricky negotiation situations, not to mention having a champion from the beach community which is the site of so many neighborhood-disrupting situations.


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