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Fairgrounds: What’s Up?
Don Mosier | 22nd District Agricultural Association (22nd DAA) Board Director

Staff Reductions: As of October 15th, the Fairgrounds has completed the process of reducing its permanent staff positions from 152 to 61. Interim CEO Carlene Moore issued this statement to the departing and remaining staff earlier in October:

“On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire executive team, thank you for your years of service to the San Diego County Fair and Del Mar Fairgrounds. These are bittersweet times for all of us as we watch our fair family shrink. While our time together is coming to a close, we take solace knowing that some of you have found new appointments with other state agencies, some have found outside employment, some have retired, and some are continuing on with us, but for all of you not moving forward with us, we send our sincerest “Thank you” and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.”

Affordable Housing Talks: I currently serve as Chair of the Community Relations Committee (CRC) and the Land Use Committee of the 22nd DAA. I can confirm from personal experience that the two Del Mar representatives to the CRC, Ellie Haviland and Dwight Worden, have been involved in active and detailed discussions about placing affordable housing units on Fairgrounds property. These conversations will continue with increased urgency as the Fairgrounds considers multiple options to improve its loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. I state this to counter misleading claims by some that Del Mar has not been engaged in seeking affordable housing at the Fairgrounds.

The City Council reviewed a draft Memorandum of Understanding between the city and the 22nd DAA at its October 19th meeting. This MOU would commit the city and the fairgrounds to reach agreement on affordable housing during the first 3 years of the 6th Cycle Housing Element.



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