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Lagoon Sharks
Brad Allison | Lagoon Committee member

Leopard Sharks at the lagoon.
Photo Brad Allison.

Our Lagoon is home for many species of critters that you may spot while walking the paths. A surprise find came in August when the Lagoon Committee’s Blue Carbon Subcommittee spotted an unusual thrashing of water in a small inlet in the lagoon during their annual tour of the San Dieguito Lagoon. Our navigator, Deputy Director of Community Services Mark Rathsam guided the pontoon boat in for a closer look. There, in shallow water were, at least five Leopard Sharks, three to four feet in length, breaking the surface in a zig zag pattern in and out of the water. Were they engaged in a spawning activity? Not likely as 97% of the Leopard Sharks in our area are already pregnant with pups. The females use the warm water to quicken the development of their offspring so to go on to mate again. Each female shark carries up to 20 pups for 10 months. Harmless to humans, Leopard Sharks swim with us from June until November when they move north and west and disappear for another year.


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