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Breathe and Twist
Danica Edelbrock, M.S., Exercise Physiologist


One of the easiest ways to reconnect the mind and body and decrease stress is through breathwork. By slowing down the breath the body naturally relaxes, physiologically.

Stop and take a deep, slow, long breath in through the nose. Exhale slowly, feeling the body relax. Try again this time bringing awareness to the expansion in the chest and the movement in the belly. Repeat 5 times. Note the sense of relaxation and connectedness of mind and body.

Try breathwork with the pose spinal twist. It can be done on a bed or on the floor. Make sure to relax the head neck and shoulders by using a pillow or towel roll if needed. Hold the pose for 10-20 long, deep breaths on each side.

Spinal Twist: Through twisting, we are lengthening the spine so energy can flow more easily; we create space between the vertebrae and decompress the spine. Please seek medical advice prior to performing a twist if you have a back injury or osteoporosis.

For a video demonstration of this exercise please see the below link!


Danica Edelbrock, M.S., is an Exercise Physiologist with over 20 years’ experience developing specialized fitness and exercise programs for the San Diego community.



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