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EDITORIAL: Now: Best Effort

We write this editorial before the voter results are in because it is relevant regardless of who the winners and losers are.

Unfortunately, our Del Mar election season turned nasty. Legitimate differences among candidates got undercut and misrepresented. Because of out-of-bounds sniping and negative personal attacks by some, voters have been inflicted with misinformation, distortions, exaggerations, and fear mongering, all while trying to make informed decisions about who is best suited to assume City Council roles. We are particularly concerned by the use incendiary imagery in campaign fliers. An election should not be a call to war but a call for best efforts. What were they thinking?

We are a very small town with a lot of neighborly interactions. Our election campaigns should encourage debate, not bickering. We dare say that we are much more in alignment on core values than our few differences allow us to acknowledge. There are significant existential challenges in front of us which will require united effort and resourceful leadership. So, on November 4 let’s consult our better angels, lick our wounds, forgive and forget—whatever metaphor gets us past this ugly period so we can work constructively together as a united community.


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