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DMFTalk: Whales Tales
Julie Maxey-Allison | 10th Street

Courtesy David Weller.

Dr. Dave Weller spoke via Zoom live on “Getting to Know Gray Whales.” The species, along with dolphins, is a major focus of his research and has been for the past 35 years. These are the whales we see swimming south on their journey from the Arctic to Baja California lagoons where they give birth in the early spring and returning north in the late spring with their calves. He reported on their behavior in the eastern and western North Pacific, including areas off Mexico, California, Canada, Russia, Korea, Japan and China. Dr. Weller received his Ph.D. in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M University in 1998, his BA and MA degrees from the University of Hawaii and San Diego State University. He has been in residence at Southwest Fisheries Science Center since 1998.


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