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Tracy Martinez


Q1. Do you support the city’s sea level rise adaptation plan as an amendment to our Local Coastal Plan?

(1 - full support) Yes - with NO MANAGED RETREAT for private property. If Coastal Commission cannot certify as is, it must be withdrawn.

Q2. Do you support continuation without delay of the city’s membership in the Clean Energy Alliance?

(1 - full support) Yes - as long as the City continues to have no financial liability for CEA. It is up to CEA to find funding to launch in a timely manner with electricity rates that are not higher than SDG&E.

Q3. Do you support continued operation of the city’s advisory committees despite pandemic financial constraints?

(1 - full support) Yes - with limitations. One meeting by January 2021 to identify priorities and create any topical subcommittees that may be able to engage in issues important to Del Mar citizens and residents. Another meeting in 2021 to follow up and determine whether other meetings are needed. They should meet without staff participation to minimize costs.

Q4. Do you support implementation of the city’s 5th and 6th Element housing programs to protect local control?

(1 - full support) 5th Cycle - Yes. For safety and environmental reasons, we urgently need to assemble an alternative to up-zoning the entire NC Zone and present that alternative to HCD as a negotiating starting point. This has never happened. The ad hoc Housing Task Force generated a slate of options and the planning staff has refined those options in the past few weeks. We need to explore those citizen-recommended options.

(1 full support) 6th Cycle - Yes. Crafting the 6th Cycle Housing Element is underway.

Q5. Do you support continuing strong defense of the city’s proposed 7/28 compromise for short term rentals in residential zones?

(3 - neutral) “Defense” is the key word here. We must address the current reality. 7/28 with its 7-day minimum rental period for up to 28 days of the year was rejected by Coastal Commission in 2018 as a virtual ban on Short Term Rentals. On Sept 8, 2020, Council voted unanimously to terminate the City’s ongoing lawsuit against the Coastal Commission. That lawsuit tried to force approval of the 7/28 policy. It has already cost the City more than $181,000 in legal fees – paid by Del Mar taxpayers, not by legal insurance. Before submitting anything new or resubmitting 7/28, an Environmental Impact Study must be done, as ordered by a judge in a separate Citizens’ lawsuit against the City. The status quo right now: Short Term Rentals are allowed in Commercial zones but not in Residential zones. Under forbearance, STRs in operation before April 2016 are also allowed, and they operate with no regulations at all. The impact study must include a comparison of 7/28 with this status quo. It should also compare the combination approved by the Coastal Commission: 3-day minimum rentals for up to 100 days of the year. With environmental impacts in hand, whatever policy is acceptable to Del Mar, with well-considered regulations, can then be defended at Coastal Commission. The study must be done before any new submission -- judge’s orders.


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