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Glenn Warren


Q1.Do you support the city’s sea level rise adaptation plan as an amendment to our Local Coastal Plan?

(1 - full support) Del Mar’s adaptation plan lays out risks and tools we can use in planning for those risks on a long-term basis through 2100. Importantly, the plan addresses different vulnerable areas: beaches, bluffs, and wetlands and river. “Adaptation” is a key word. Del Mar’s plan is flexible. As we continue to monitor sea level rise, we can determine which tools are effective, and what new tools would be useful.

Q2. Do you support continuation without delay of the city’s membership in the Clean Energy Alliance?

(1 - full support) The CEA is an important component of our Climate Action Plan. Del Mar and its partners, through local control, will be able to access cleaner energy with resulting reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. A feasibility study has shown that the CEA is economically viable that, in addition to its environmental benefits, will save customers 2% a year compared to SDG&E. Although financial restraint is necessary in the time of COVID, financial outlays will not be required. There is no good reason not to continue Del Mar’s membership in the CEA.

Q3. Do you support continued operation of the city’s advisory committees despite pandemic financial constraints?

(1 - full support) Our committees provide valuable input from our community on important projects and policies. The Planning Commission, Design Review Board, and Finance Committee have been meeting during COVID and are a valuable resource to our City Council and staff. Thanks to a generous donation from the Del Mar Foundation, our Art Advisory Committee and Lagoon Committee are starting to meet again in September. Donations are currently being accepted to allow our Sustainability Board to start meeting again in October.

Q4. Do you support implementation of the city’s 5th and 6th Element housing programs to protect local control?

(1 - full support) The City is in non-compliance with its commitments under the 5th Element and we need to begin working on state certification for our 6th Element. In addition to financial consequences, Del Mar could lose local control of zoning. The state could mandate increased zoning density in the essentially vacant North Bluff area and Staver property south of Del Mar Woods and grant “by right” approval of development in those areas—developers would not be required to go through normal planning processes, including design review. Implementation of the 5th and 6th Element housing programs are crucial to protect local control.

Q5. Do you support continuing strong defense of the city’s proposed 7/28 compromise for short term rentals in residential zones?

(1 - full support) Yes. 7/28 permits unlimited long-term rentals or leases of 30 days or more. For less than 30 days, rentals must be a minimum of 7 days with no more than 28 days of such rentals per year. This is a reasonable regulation. It allows homeowners flexibility in renting their homes. It will result in increased long-term rentals and leases, which will make Del Mar more neighborly. And it will add to availability of housing stock for people who want to live in Del Mar.


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