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Bob Gans


Q1. Do you support the city’s sea level rise adaptation plan as an amendment to our Local Coastal Plan?

(1 - full support) Our Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan was crafted by Del Mar for Del Mar, with tremendous public participation. It allows us to protect our beaches and public and private properties without managed retreat. It is already binding on Del Mar. To be binding on the Coastal Commission and preserve our local control, it needs to be in our Local Coastal Program (LCP). I strongly agree with our Plan’s conclusion that managed retreat is not appropriate for Del Mar, and I am pleased that the Coastal Commission has not disputed that conclusion in the course of its review.

Q2. Do you support continuation without delay of the city’s membership in the Clean Energy Alliance?

(1 - full support) I support the CEA as a high priority of our Climate Action Plan and the most significant step we can take to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. It brings us local control over our energy sources and future, with greener energy at comparable or lower cost. As a member of the City’s Finance Committee, I know the positive impacts CEA will have on customers. While Councilmember Druker has suggested delay, that approach is contrary to the financial health of the CEA and our ability to meet our Climate Action Plan goals. We have already paid our modest share of start-up costs, and do not need to pay more. Delay simply defers when CEA will begin having a revenue stream. By moving forward, we will be getting our start-up contribution back, and all financial risk is borne by the CEA, not by Del Mar or our partner cities.

Q3. Do you support continued operation of the city’s advisory committees despite pandemic financial constraints?

(1 - full support) Our advisory committees are the primary mechanism for citizen input to effectuate our Community Plan and community priorities, and to tap the extraordinary talent of our citizenry. While current financial constraints and substantial staff layoffs may necessitate limiting meeting schedules and work programs temporarily, this is truly a small budget item, with outsized importance. To suspend the advisory committee process wastes an opportunity to utilize our most valuable resource: our highly knowledgeable and engaged residents.

Q4. Do you support implementation of the city’s 5th and 6th Element housing programs to protect local control?

(1 - full support) We can only preserve and defend our Community Plan by maintaining local control over our zoning, which requires implementation of our certified housing elements. I am extremely distressed by the recent vote of Councilmembers Druker and Gaasterland preventing implementation of the North Commercial zoning amendments that are in our Community Plan as part of our certified Housing Element. As a result, the City is exposed to a range of harsh penalties, lawsuits, and loss of control over our zoning. This action also puts us on a course that will require up-zoning both North Bluff and the Staver property (4+ acres on South Stratford) to 20 dwelling units per acre.

Q5. Do you support continuing strong defense of the city’s proposed 7/28 compromise for short term rentals in residential zones?

(1 - full support) Unregulated short-term rental businesses in our residential zones pose an existential threat to the special character of our neighborhoods. Their negative impacts include nuisance disruptions, a breakdown of our neighborhood fabric, and loss of housing stock for residential use. The 7/28 compromise was the result of years of study and extensive citizen input. It will work for Del Mar, and I will work to fully implement it.


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