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Phil Blair


Q1.Do you support the city’s sea level rise adaptation plan as an amendment to our Local Coastal Plan?

(1 - full support) Yes, I support the city’s sea level rise adaptation plan which was submitted as an amendment to our LCP. I believe no further amendment is needed. I believe in sand replenishment, barriers and responsible preservation of our shoreline.

Q2. Do you support continuation without delay of the city’s membership in the Clean Energy Alliance?

(2 - lean toward support) CEA is a financial matter as well as an environmental issue. There will always be reasons to delay taking the action we know is necessary to reduce our reliance on carbon fuels; if we have learned anything from this season of remarkable firestorms, it is that we cannot continue to delay moving to zero emissions, and that means CEA now. Our CEA was based upon Carlsbad being a financial partner in this effort. Until that is confirmed, we need to keep our options open.

Q3. Do you support continued operation of the city’s advisory committees despite pandemic financial

(1 - full support) Yes, I am a strong advocate for the advisory committees. Our future civic leaders are nurtured in the advisory committees. This pandemic provides us with an opportunity to create a new model. Working with the City Manager, I suggest we find a way to reduce staff time to critical needs of the committees. If necessary, I would work to support committees through fundraising or grants.

Q4. Do you support implementation of the city’s 5th and 6th Element housing programs to protect local control?

(1 - full support) Yes, these are state mandates which are legal obligations. We stumbled on the last vote and our local control is now threatened. Look no further than Encinitas which is embroiled in litigation with the State, with developers and with citizens groups; a judge, not the planning commission or DRB or City Council has granted permits for a six story apartment building to address the critical housing shortage which Encinitas did not meet voluntarily. We must prevent these same anti-Housing advocates from bringing their chaos to Del Mar. We need to see this housing process to the end. Like all important decisions, important factors must be balanced. I will seek community engagement, not confrontation.

Q5. Do you support continuing strong defense of the city’s proposed 7/28 compromise for short term rentals in residential zones?

(1 - full support) Yes, we must fight to keep our 7/28 Del Mar plan. If we give up and start over, there will be years of divisive fighting, expensive staff and consultant time, and an open season on our community. If we give up and accept the Coastal Commission plan, we will become another Pacific Beach….no family homes, no community support for schools, no DMCC or DMF, no community. Just tourists. The Del Mar community character is worth fighting to uphold.


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