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Sandra Hoyle | President

Covid-19 Actions: From the Del Mar Foundation’s (DMF) inception, it has been important to honor its vision, mission and history. Earlier this year, the DMF board created objectives for responding to the challenges our community faces. Consistent with these objectives, we funded a driver program for Del Mar Community Connections, meals for the homeless through St. Peter’s Helping Hands program, and Del Mar Village Association’s “Fuel the Frontline” program which supported both first responders and local restaurants. When we realized the direness of the City budget situation, and how quickly support was needed to preserve services valued by our community, we made the decision to conduct an expedited process for evaluating a donation consistent with our normal due diligence. This was a considered and substantial, two-month process involving many stakeholders whom we involved to help evaluate potential needs, community significance, relationship to our Mission, and more.

These are extraordinary times - in our lives, in our country, state, county, and city. This is the greatest financial crisis Del Mar has faced in our lifetimes. Our primary focus for our $180,000 donation were items that affect the health and safety of Del Mar’s citizens, support community involvement in civic affairs, and enrich the quality of life for Del Mar residents during these extraordinary times. The Foundation is in a healthy financial position due to our reserves, our community endowment, and a generous legacy gift, which enables us to make a significant impact while also being conscientious and mindful of our role as a long-term community partner.

The Foundation is the oldest charitable organization in Del Mar. Our Mission consists of boosting our community and we have the good fortune to be able to contribute for the benefit of the community without jeopardizing the Foundation’s fiscal health or invading the principal of our endowment funds.

Current and past Board members are proud to be part of executing on our founders’ original vision and the Mission of the Foundation: to promote civic pride and cohesiveness, acquire and preserve open space, improve beaches and parklands, raise and grant funds, and sponsor diverse cultural programs and community events in Del Mar. While DMF encourages civic engagement, it isn’t a partisan or political organization, and our donation to the City is consistent with our Mission and charitable status.

Throughout the Foundation’s history, as it continually adapts to changing times, the diverse offering of programs, activities and grants have one commonality - to stay true to the visionary course adopted by its founders and to develop and maintain the resources that make it possible to make that vision a reality. We are truly thankful for the donors and volunteers who have worked to elevate the Del Mar Foundation into what it is today.


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