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City Council Candidate Tracy Martinez

I am running for Council because our Community Plan is under threat. Our Community Plan protects Del Mar’s beaches and lagoons, natural bluffs, Torrey Pines, open spaces, ocean views, and our quality of life. State-mandated high-density housing requirements could destroy our neighborhoods unless we respond sensibly without violating the principles of our Community Plan.

I have protected our Community Plan by fighting successfully to defeat Marisol Measure G. I chair Del Mar’s Council-appointed Traffic & Parking Committee. I served as Vice-Chair of Del Mar’s 2020 Housing Element Task Force. Our Report outlines how to fulfill State-mandated affordable housing without having to rezone our Downtown, North Commercial, and fragile coastal bluff properties to high-density residential use.

If elected, I will work with all residents to find solutions to challenges facing our City. I will fight for the following:

• Protect our Community Plan from changes adverse to our quality of life.

• Protect our neighborhoods from over-development. Avoid zone changes that increase residential density. Protect local control of residential land-use.

• Defend our Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan without Managed Retreat at Coastal Commission.

• Work together with the Fairgrounds to build State-required affordable housing sensibly rather than long-term shelters at the Fairgrounds.

• Find a solution to the Short-Term Rental issue together. Move beyond expensive, fruitless lawsuits, and begin CEQA environmental study as required by the judge’s recent ruling.

• Help our businesses stay open and thrive into the future. We must be flexible.

• Replenish our financial reserves and Measure Q as we recover from COVID-19.

• Implement wildfire protection plan for Del Mar and Crest Canyon, including undergrounding utility poles and wires – critically important.

• Update Scenic View Ordinance to be easily enforceable and fair.

• Establish safe railroad crossings at high use locations.

I invite you call, text, or email with questions and ideas: (619)-823-6050 – – tracyfordelmar.com



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