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City Council Candidate Bob Gans

I believe in our Community Plan and the robust citizen activism that is the hallmark of Del Mar. My wife, Melissa, and I have lived here for 20 years, and raised our two children here. I want to preserve Del Mar’s unique gifts for our children and beyond. I am continually inspired by what Del Mar citizens have achieved as stewards of our community and environment, and will work to secure that legacy for generations to come.

As a 5-year member of the City’s Finance Committee, I understand the unprecedented economic challenges we face. Now is not the time for polarization or demonization of those with whom we disagree. We need Council members who appreciate diverse views -- who are willing to build bridges and work together for the common good. It is this spirit of collaboration and mutual respect that I will bring to the Council.

For the past twenty years, I have tried to do just that, as President of Del Mar Foundation and Del Mar Schools Education Foundation, Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair of the La Jolla Country Day School Board of Trustees, and Nation Leader of Magdalena Ecke Y-Guide and Y-Princess Programs.

Despite the pandemic, there is much we must accomplish. We can better support our merchants and promote the vital downtown envisioned by the Community Plan. We need to regulate short-term rental businesses to protect residential neighborhoods and preserve our housing stock. I believe the 7/28 plan accomplishes these goals. We need to implement our Climate Action Plan goals, including our Clean Energy Alliance with Solana Beach and Carlsbad. And we need to protect local control over our zoning by creating a meaningful level of affordable housing.

Working together we can accomplish these goals and secure our future. For more information: gans2020.com, or call me at 858-342-4656.



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