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 Bouquet of Scents
Linda Chisari | Crest Road

Roses in Linda's front garden.
Photo Linda Chisari.

Even through my mask, my nose is able to assemble a huge bouquet of scents as I enjoy my morning walk with our dog Beau: The “Zephyrine Drouhin” rose that overhangs my back gate greets me as I venture out to the street; then, along the path through Crest Rim, White Sage with its resinous scent; Verbena “de la Mina,” sweetness personified; freshly mown grass along Crest, a rarity in dry Del Mar but so reminiscent of my lawn-mowing dad; Honeysuckle trailing through ivy, reminds me of childhood walks with my cousin, so many decades ago; Star Jasmine, a relative newcomer to my olfactory array, a sure sign of April; a pungent whiff of not-so-pleasant red tide (or so I’m told) wafting up Amphitheatre Drive from the beach below, deceptive in its ability to acridly camouflage the gorgeous luminescence in the waves after dark….maybe Mother Nature’s way of keeping people off the beach until it’s safer; the wonderful, spicy scent of Italian Jasmine, its tendrils weaving happily among the succulent branches of ice plant; someone’s bacon sizzling too far away to hear but plenty close to offer its scent; back in my garden the sweet scent of tightly-budded flowers of “Reine Victoire” rose in their first flush of bloom; opening the back gate, the scent of 7’ tall sweet peas overpowers everything else within 20’. Well, I may not have a nose so powerful as Beau’s, but at least I don’t seem to be suffering from one of the hallmark symptoms of COVID-19!



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