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  DMF:APRIL 2020
Ira Sharp, DMF Board

Over the past month, the Del Mar Foundation’s Board of Directors has focused on supporting other Del Mar non-profit organizations and businesses to help keep our neighbors safe and our business community viable.

DMF provided financial aid to Del Mar Community Connections (DMCC) to enable two of its programs to adapt rapidly to the Stay-At-Home environment. Its weekly grocery shopping trips for seniors have been modified to provide contact free grocery shopping and delivery by drivers not part of the vulnerable demographic who serve those seniors staying home. The Tuesday Lunch Connection speaker series has shifted from transportation for seniors to the Del Mar Community Building twice a month for the luncheon-speaker series to DMF funding drivers to deliver meals to the homes of the participants. The socialization and a speaker series are “delivered” via a Zoom connection and the food is sourced from local Del Mar restaurants.

In a new program, Chromebooks and instructions on how to Zoom and shop on the Internet will be provided to Del Mar seniors who lack computers with which to connect to their doctors, family, and friends, provided by a unique partnership between DMF and DMCC.

DMF is providing additional financial support to St. Peter’s Church’s Helping Hands program which feeds the homeless five days a week. In a cooperative effort with Del Mar restaurants, the DMF is now funding three hot meals a week for approximately 20 homeless participants.

In partnership with the Del Mar Village Association, DMF has provided additional funding for their new program, Fuel the Frontline SD. This program provides meals, sourced locally from Del Mar restaurants, to hospital workers and fire personnel. With the support of these meal programs and takeout programs for residents, some restaurants are now providing 500 meals a week. This helps them retain key staff during this difficult time.

In working with Del Mar’s city government, DMF supported the City’s project to remove Foxtail weeds that are dangerous to dogs from Shores Park, which is the only remaining dog park that is open under Del Mar’s stay-at-home rules.
People are worried, but not sure what they can do as individuals to help. Additionally, the problems created by COVID-19 are too big for any one individual or group to tackle. Working together, we can help each other in this time of social distancing, while staying safe. If you have any suggestions on how the Del Mar Foundation can help our community or if you wish to contribute to the DMF, please go to delmarfoundation.org.



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