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 Learning Online
Valérie Dufort-Roy | Klish Way

My daughter and her teacher, Florian Olivo, during a class held through Zoom.
Photo Sudeepto Roy

School on Video
My daughter attends La Petite Ecole of San Diego, a French and English bilingual school in Kearney Mesa. The students have not missed even one day of school since the stay-at-home orders.

It closed on Friday, March 13th. The following Monday the teachers were ready to teach online, and the kids had their first 9am video class. My daughter’s school uses Google Meet and Zoom, depending on the teacher, for elementary and middle schoolers. School schedules, supporting documents, and homework are gathered for all students in a Google’s G-Suite for Education. Google Meet and Zoom offer their basic plan complimentary to schools during the pandemic.

My daughter’s teacher enjoys seeing all 15 children of the class at once. The students can use a fun function to click to virtually “raise” their hand, however most of them just raise their hand (not quite in front of the camera, but that is for the teacher to figure out!). Last week, the third graders had a short speech on a topic of their choice (country, animal, etc.). It was impressive to see how several used PowerPoint and background images to support their presentation. In class, it would have been a poster board with drawings and glued-on images. They learned so much technology in just a few weeks.

The dedication of the teachers to not miss a beat at the curriculum level, and the utilization of fine online technologies are enabling the students to stay on academic target, while benefiting from the regularity of a school calendar along with essential social interactions.

Sports on Video
My husband, my daughter and I are doing our Pilates sessions on Zoom. We are glad to continue to have much needed exercise, support our trainer who is a local entrepreneur, and have a little social interaction, too!



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