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 Welcome Valérie
Julie Maxey-Allison | 10th Street

Photo Sudeepto Roy

The Sandpiper welcomes Valérie Dufort-Roy to the Editorial Board. She is the writer of the regular column on sustainability issues—helpful to us all.
Valérie, who has lived in Del Mar for 10 years, grew up in Quebec, Canada, in the small town of Mascouche. With a masters degree in social work from University of Montreal, she worked in Canada with the Centre Local de Services Communautaires (CLSC), a government agency providing health and social services, and in the U.S. with disabled and elderly adults and with children at risk of developmental delays.

“What brought me to San Diego is a love story.” She met her husband Sudeepto Roy (who writes on technology for the Sandpiper) during one of his business trips, in Montreal. Sudeepto was working at Qualcomm, Valérie was fairly new at a CLSC position. They started dating, working around logistics that were “quite complicated, as you can imagine! He was kind, exotic, and smart, but being from India, he wasn’t keen on moving to a -40 degree Celsius weather country.” They decided on San Diego.

“I enjoy the quiet neighborhood and the general decency that surrounds Del Mar’s democratic process.” And, after her years in Canada, Valérie doesn’t miss shoveling snow, but is “disproportionally” happy when it rains. She is indifferent though when San Diego’s vegetation turns brown and “to this day, I feel weird seeing lizards hang out in the sun.”

Valérie’s interest in sustainability stems from “the realization of the mounds of trash that one generates for absolutely no reason. Childhood memories of my grandfather’s simple life tell me that we have gone the wrong path. Manufacturing, consumption, inability to reuse resources all need a common-sense face-lift.”

When her family expanded with the birth of her daughter, Valérie’s interests shifted “towards supporting causes that matter for my child. What kind of environment would allow my young daughter to become an accomplished, happy human being?” She began taking an active role in her daughter’s school projects and issues. Currently, she leads the Parent-Teacher-Resource at the school to improve students’ experience. “In recent weeks, with the education switching to online, it has meant working with parents and teachers to ease the transformation.”

We look forward to thoughtful and thought-provoking articles by Valérie on how we can live our lives to ensure a sustainable future.



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