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  CERT Safety Survey
Charles (Cap) Pinney | Kalamath Drive

Del Mar Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is trained by the Fire Department to respond to mass casualty events and provide the greatest good for the greatest number of citizens. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CERT has been activated to check on the welfare of folks in town who may need assistance while being isolated from their daily routine.

On March 28, the Fire Department, in concert with the Del Mar Emergency Operations Center (EOC), notified the CERT Team to prepare to deploy in the city to conduct a door to door survey of citizen welfare and assess community needs. However, in view of infectious nature of the virus, safety restrictions were placed on the survey takers. They had to be younger than 60, have no complicating health issues, have a current Disaster Service Worker ID card, wear protective clothing, and maintain a distance of at least six feet when encountering other people. Those restrictions reduced the number of CERT survey participants to three.

The team members contacted approximately 50 households over a two-day span and were warmly received. Most of the occupants were already being served by Del Mar Community Connections (DMCC) in one way or another. This coverage pointed out the benefits of coordinating physical checks with the DMCC programs.
Del Mar CERT uses ham radio communications to efficiently direct members on assignments. However, amateur radio operators, by themselves, can assist the community in times of emergency by monitoring the Del Mar Repeater on frequency 446.880 (with a negative offset and PL 114.8). There are 90 ham radio operators currently listed by the Federal Communications Commission who are associated with a Del Mar address. These stations can follow along with daily reports from the field usually at 11 am each day on the repeater frequency. We welcome as much participation as possible.

Please be safe by wearing a mask when you are out in public and washing your hands frequently. We hope to minimize exposure to the Coronavirus.



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