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City Tightening
Our Civic Center continues to be closed to the public. Citizens can call or email during normal business hours--some staff will be in the office and some will work from home. Parks and beach will be reopened when specified safety criteria are met. Meetings of the City Council, Planning Commission, and Design Review Board continue on their regular schedules meeting remotely. Comments from the public can only come in written form known as “red dots” to be read aloud if sender so specifies. A few other select advisory committees are also meeting remotely.

City Diet
The City is combing through budgets and is discontinuing all non-essential spending, enacting a hiring freeze, reducing part-time staffing, cancelling all training and travel. and deferring non essential capital improvement projects.

Zonng EIR
City staff is reviewing comments submitted on the draft EIR for a zoning change that would allow 20 housing units, where only one is currently allowed, per acre in two commercial zones. The Final EIR is expected to go to the Planning Commission this month for review and approval. FAR and height limits in the North Commercial and Professional Commercial zones would NOT change. Check City website calendar to confirm hearing date.

Toss, don’t Flush
Disinfectant wipes (including “flushables”) and nasal tissues need to be tossed into the trash to avoid problems with sewer lines and wastewater systems.

Bleach Safety
Kill the virus, not yourself.
Keep your bleach where it belongs.

In anticipation
of future sea level rise the city is seeking ways to insure that there will actually be sand on our beaches in coming years through replenishment. Possibilities are being presented by the Sand Compatibility Opportunistic Use Program (SCOUP). According to the Mitigated Negative Declaration document the proposals would “not cause significant impacts to the environment”
The summary will be before the Planning Commission City Council sometime this summer.

Public comment is solicited from April 16 to May 16. Open the SCOUP Mitigated Negative Declaration (PDF). Submit comments to Principal Planner Amanda Lee: alee@delmar.ca.us.

CAL Leaders

As we currently flow along on information streams about how we are doing coping with COVID-19, we are thankful that here, in the state of California and the City of Del Mar, our officials reporting to us are thorough, thoughtfully clear, and cautious. Governor Gavin Newsom and Del Mar Mayor Haviland present the bad news realities of this terrifying time along with plans with workable solutions. We appreciate their transparency and candor.



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