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 Corona Choreography
Linda Chisari | Crest Road

Crest Rim. Photo Frank Chisari.

Dozens of pedestrians are out on Crest Road, navigating the auto-free street while mentally measuring a 6’ distance from each other. Someone approaches on the same side, cross politely to the other side; another approaches, now cross back.

Seize the opportunity to take a detour through flower-filled Crest Rim Park. If someone stands enjoying the view of far snow-clad mountains, cross out to the street and reenter a little further along the way.

No handshakes, hugs, or even do-si-dos allowed, just a nod and hint of a smiling eyes above a mask or a gloved hand raised in “hello” before going past and crossing back behind the other.

The thoughtful walking reminds me of those braided lanyards we made as kids, carefully weaving strands across and behind, then across again and in front…just continue the pattern and don’t pull the strands too tight!



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