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 Coping Routines
Virginia Lawrence | Caminito del Rocio

A Sign of the Times.
Photo Virginia Lawrence.

Making shopping lists for daughter (who put us under lockdown before Newsom did) – letting go of Biden vs Sanders – washing and sanitizing hands – washing apples with soap – organizing huge stock of paper goods and groceries in garage (fridge and pantry busting at seams) – downloading TeamViewer so that my IT person could fix my computer from his own home – attending Sandpiper ZOOM meetings – spending more time with NYT – going to medical appointments on phone – learning to live with shaggy hair – keeping house clean without benefit of Holga (paying her anyway) – enjoying take-out dinners – holding 21st B’day family celebration in garage on April 4, guests (3) and hosts (2) in N-95 masks, no cake, no champagne, no hugs.

Note: As of April 9, San Diego County has prohibited all gatherings unless the people live in the same household. https://bit.ly/sd-gatherings



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