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 Public Health Emergency
Don Mosier, MD, PhD | Rimini Road

First Slide: Slide presentation to City Council by
Don Mosier and Frank Chisari. These slides are part of a PowerPoint document, available for viewing on the Sandpiper website. Please note: The numbers will have changed
since the presentation to the City Council.

PowerPoint City Counil Presentation here

We are in the midst of a public health emergency because of the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus infection and its high mortality in older individuals. Frank Chisari, MD and I presented the current facts about the disease and its spread to the special meeting of the Del Mar City Council on Saturday, March 14th. The city has declared a public health emergency in Del Mar and cancelled all city events until at least April 6th, when the council will hold an online meeting to discuss next steps.

I have updated my presentation from March 14th with some new information and yet another guide on how to take personal steps to protect yourself and others from this infection.

The first slide shows how the mortality rate from COVID-9 infection increases with age. Individuals over 70 years of age should limit public contact as much as possible to protect themselves, and they should adopt all the protective measures outlined in slide 4. They are the most vulnerable to this virus.

The second slide updates information from the rapidly spreading outbreak in Italy where the medical care system has been overwhelmed by the number of seriously ill individuals with COVID-19 pneumonia. Even though Italy has been on near total lockdown for the past 2 weeks, these steps were taken too late in the spread of the epidemic to reduce the number of infected individuals substantially. In just 2 days, there were over 7,000 new confirmed cases and 543 additional deaths.

The third slide shows how fast the infection can spread from one infected individual to the general population in the absence of protective measures, and how social isolation and rigorous application of common-sense measures can slow the spread if adopted early enough. Note that the number of infected individuals is show in a logarithmic scale to capture the more than doubling of the infection every 4 days. In Del Mar, the time to act is right now.

The fourth slide illustrates how best to protect yourself from acquiring or spreading the infection. It is critically important that you do not go to the emergency room if you develop a cough and fever. Instead, you should call you personal physician for advice and practice self-isolation from both the public and your family. There is currently a shortage of facemasks and the test for COVID-19 infection, so you need to be patient until these shortages are remedied. Stay in frequent contact with your personal physician and alert him/her if your symptoms worsen and you may need hospital care. Health care providers and emergency personnel need to know your status to protect themselves against infection.
This will be a difficult period for all of us. Del Mar Community Connections is working to provide critical services for seniors who need support, but we all need to be ready to help the most vulnerable among us.



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