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CLAIM: “Worden/Haviland/Parks chose to ignore Stakeholder Technical Advisory Committee (STAC)’s unanimous recommendation and substantial public opposition and proceeded to file an LCP Amendment application with the Coastal Commission in October 2018.”

FACTS: STAC’s decision was not unanimous and public input was mixed. STAC member Kristen Brinner voted to submit a Local Coastal Program (LCP) Amendment. Dustin Fuller, the Fair board’s environmental manager STAC rep, stated on the record that he supported filing an LCP Amendment but abstained from voting. Scripp’s Institute STAC member Sarah Giddings came late to the meeting and spoke in favor of submitting an LCP Amendment. Gabe Buhr of the Coastal Commission staff and a STAC committee member was absent from the vote but was clearly on record in support of filing an LCP. City staff and the City attorney recommended filing an LCP Amendment as did others. STAC and the community was divided on this issue.

The City’s professional staff, Dustin Fuller, and others pointed out the legal and practical benefits of having the Adaptation Plan incorporated into the City’s LCP, including its impact on the Coastal Commission’s standard of review for Del Mar permits, and access to funding for sand replenishment.


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