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Marisol: YES on G
Robb Dalton | Camino del Mar

Emotions are running high on Measure G and the proposed Marisol Resort. Fueling some of those emotions are some exaggerations and sadly, some lies. Here are the incontestable, indisputable facts:

FACT #1 DOG BEACH IS NOT BEING ELIMINATED, IT WOULD BE IMPROVED with new permanent rest rooms, sand replacement and stairs to the new hiking trail.

FACT #2 THE BLUFF WILL NOT BECOME A PARK. It is private land that will be developed (Del Mar could never afford the millions of dollars to build & maintain a park). So McMansions or a Boutique Resort?

FACT #3 THE RESORT WILL ENHANCE BLUFF ACCESS with access to the lion’s share of the bluff that has long been off limits. The chain link fence barring bluff access will finally come down.

FACT #4 SOLANA BEACH WILL BENEFIT FROM THE RESORT with new customers for Solana Beach businesses and restaurants. Solana Beach condos & homes will go up in value the day the Resort opens.

FACT #5 DEVELOPERS ARE NEEDED TO MAKE LIFE POSSIBLE. Shopping, housing, dining, medical, retirement, and educational facilities are made possible by Developers willing to invest.

FACT #6 THE PROCESS IS NOT BEING RUSHED. For over a year the developers have been meeting with the community, sharing plans, renderings and studies. Now they are asking for a vote of the people.

FACT #7 THE RESORT WOULD NOT BE MASSIVE, but small compared to area Resorts like La Costa, Aviara & Grand Del Mar Resorts that average over 400 rooms compared to Marisol’s approximately 125 rooms.

FACT #8 THE MARISOL RESORT WILL BE ONE OF THE MOST VETTED RESORTS EVER BUILT with every necessary local, state and federal agency that is appropriate weighing in. The bluff will be protected.

So folks, let’s try to stick to the facts, stop the name calling and accusations and have a rational conversation about Del Mar’s real options—Resort or McMansions? Thanks for listening….



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