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Ghosts at Fairgrounds
Ira Sharp | Crest Road

Ira Sharp demonstrating ghost gun assembly to Fair Board
during public comments, with Fair Board member Don Mosier in the background. Source: NeverAgainCA.org/

Ghost guns are un-serialized, untraceable firearms assembled from unregulated firearm parts and components requiring some assembly by the purchaser. Like real ghosts, they cannot be traced by law enforcement without a serial number; they are instantly available because there is no 10-day waiting period. There is no background check, no age limit, no trace of taxes and no certificate of firearm training when a ghost gun is purchased. All the gun laws that have made California one of the safest states in USA are ghosted away.

Despite the fact that the Del Mar Fair board suspended gun shows and Todd Gloria led a successful effort to pass legislation to end the sale of firearms and ammunition on the state-owned Del Mar Fairgrounds effective in 2021, Crossroads of the West obtained a preliminary injunction to permit Crossroads to hold gun shows during the pendency of the lawsuit under the same terms as before. Those contractual terms did not prevent the Fair Board from determining who was a fit vendor.

In July, 2018 when the first acknowledged ghost guns showed up for sale at the Crossroads gun show in Del Mar, the Fair Board President directed Crossroads immediately to expel the vendor, Firearms Unknown, from the show. NeverAgainCA is protesting the current Fair Board’s inaction on ghost gun vendors because public safety is at risk. More than 80% of the Crossroads vendors now sell ghost guns, not guns on the state registry. Ghost gun sales are robust and an observer at a recent Southern California gun show counted a single vendor selling as many as 21 guns in one hour.

Besides the obvious reasons that a felon, a teenager, or a mentally ill person desiring to purchase a gun would want to evade the laws and purchase a ghost gun, there are immediacy and financial reasons for buying ghost guns, which look like a 9mm Glock or an AR15. A ghost gun fires like a gun and kills like a gun and costs about $200 less than a factory manufactured 9mm Glock. In less than 3 minutes you can buy a complete ghost gun kit at a Crossroads gun show and in less than 15 minutes, you can put the parts together. In the past it took skill and perseverance to find and purchase all the parts to make a rifle or handgun. Now you open up a box the size of a VHS videotape, snap off five plastic parts, file down any rough edges with the abrasive stone provided; drill three holes into the frame with the provided drill bits and you have a $400 gun that is as capable of inflicting death as a 9 mm Glock manufactured in a factory and which costs over $600.

California’s death rate from guns used in homicides, suicides, and accidental shootings has been declining faster than death rates in most of the rest of the country because of our tough gun regulations. When the Fair Board says hello to ghost gun vendors, the community can say goodbye to declining death rates. Tell the Fair board to act now or all of our lives will be at increasing risk as these Ghost guns are sold to those most at risk to hurting themselves or others.

According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), In one year, ghost guns accounted for more than 30% of guns recovered in crimes. Next year could be 60% and by 2021, it could be 90%.

There is something you can do. Join NeverAgainCA.org in demanding that the Fair Board stop the sale of ghost gun components now. Their names are here:


Their email addresses are First initial, last name @sdfair.com; example rvaldez@sdfair.com

If we do not stop them now, they will be back on March 14 and 15, 2020.


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